Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the size. We are smaller than most schools and I like to meet new people. By the end of my time here at Johnson and Wales I feel like I will know everyone well.


The most fustrating thing about this school is that they won't let you into class if you have a hold. they just kick you out until it's fixed.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that it cost a lot to attend and the fact that we have to wear business attire to go into the main buliding of the school


Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte has excellent programs for our fields of study. But, what they fail to carry is the lack of student activities as far as sports, greek life and the arts. I feel as if we are not somewhat united as a student body without these activties. Most of the time i find myself going to class and then going to my room. I acknowledge the clubs that are provided, but i feel as if that is not enough.


The dress code policy.


Not being able to play college sports because there is only a flag football and cheerleading team.


The most frustrating thing about Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte is that the tuition is supper high. I think if they lowered tuition more student would be willing to attend. The education that we get at Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte is out of this world. However, some type of incenative must be put in place when it comes down to paying for college. More grants, scholarships and financial aid. There are so many deserving students that want to attend and they have the knowlege but the money is the main issue and I think that there has to be a change.


The cost


the labs could be longer like 10 days instead of 9