Johnson C Smith University Top Questions

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In comparison to some of the other colleges I considered Johnson staff and professors where very approachable during the campus tours. The campus is smaller in comparisons to some of the others I was considering. I like the small student to teacher ration. The school is a Historical Black College but there is a largely diversifed. There are many ethnic groups attending the school.


It is close to home. I choose this school because i needed to be closer to home, I do prefer further thats why im answering this way. But the free transportation and overall way to get off campus and downtown is convient. It ends to early in my opinion though. The new health plex is very sheek, love the pool and workout equipment, wish they had free weights as well though instead of going all the way to the stadium with football players.


The community comes together for every event the university puts on.


What's unique about my school is that they provide laptops for every single student and the student gets to keep the laptop if he/she stay until he/she graduates from the university.


There is a deep connection between alumni and current students. The school strives for diversity in order to expose the students to the real world; also, workshops are given throughout the year assisting students with graduate school applications, internships, finding the right major, and scoial surroundings. Most importantly, Johnson C. Smith University has a deeply rooted history in the community in which it is passed onto future generations to come such as alumni had designed one of the residential halls years ago.


Were a family


What's so unique in my opinion, is that Johnson C. Smith University is a private presbyterian school, where in the classroom there is a 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio. By this being said it allows students to have that one-on-one attention from the professors. It also allows the student to grasp the concepts better. By this being a Presbyterian based school, religion is always present. For every program, we always take the time to pray to God for another day. So religion being in the school and one-on-one attention makes this school unique.


Its Not To Small R to Big Of A school And its In the City.


A large amount of the students are dominant people that aren't scared to get their point across.


Johnson C. Smith University is a family oriented institution. JCSU feels like your home away from home. From day one, eveyone including faculty, upperclassment, and professors, you feel at home. There is a welcoming atmosphere here at Johnson C. Smith University.


JCSU is a smaller school than most of my other choices. The class size is beneficial, allowing me to receive the extra one on one attention with my professors. Since I am so far from home, I appreciate the family environment. I feel that I am surrounded by people who care not only about my education, but about my well being.