Johnson C Smith University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that isn't ready to try new things


A person who is looking for a big school, high level competition in athletics, and a non-religious person.


One who likes technology


The kind of people that don't want to attend this school other than the opposite type of people from the description above, are those that want a big school, with tons of people, a track on campus, Saint Rose is a small school but it's more of a friendly, get-to-know-your-teachers type of environment.


Hardworking people should attend this school. People who are very dedicated and are good at time management would make the most of their time here. There are just as many fun events going on here as there are academic activities. People just need to make sure their priorities are in order before they enroll. Also make sure the research is done because once you are enrolled is it difficult to transfer out.


People who believe the ethnicity here would affect their focus on getting their education. Also people who don't feel comfortable with small campuses or seeing the same people for a full school year.


If you don't like small class sizes and knowing almost everybody at your school than this is not the school for you. If you do not support womens or mens basketball, volleyball, and football team then this school is not for you. If your not willing to work hard and to get good grades to earn a scholarship then this school is not for you. If you want parties everyday of the week than this school is not for you.


People who want to study education , should not attend this college because the program is not that good.


The kind that should not be attending my would be the type that doesn't really do any type of social involvement or schoolwork.


A person who doesnt want to work




if they like a big school and like for there to be alot of parties on campus. if they want alot of people in the classrooms with them


An unmotivated person.


A person that dont like small colleges


One that is focused on helping people


a person who wants to do well in life.

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