Johnson C Smith University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew about the exact basis of my track and field scholarship. I hadto partake in all activities unless injuried and deemed unfit by the Athletic Trainer


I wish I would have known about the quality of this school.


The rooms od the dorms and the meal plan variety.


I wish I would of known that they dont give a lot of help with picking your classes and get around when you come in as a transfer student.




I wish I would've known the conditions of the dorms.


Before i came t o Johnson C. Smith i wish they would have told me that the food that they during orientation or Golden Bull is not what we would be eating everyday. The cafe isn't horrible i just can't eat in thier everyday. I wish they would have told me about the horrible bathrooms and how securtiy doesn't really protect the school. I wish they would have told me the limited amount of space for parking for students .


The cost of books


I wish I would have known exactly how small it is and the way things were handled in the business office's.


That they are always messing something up with my financial aid


I wish that I had known how faulty the lower level administration was before I came to this school. When issues or problems arise regarding your finances or coping to a new environement, sometimes you have to fight just in order for your plea or voice to be heard.


What lack of activities there are to become a part of, as well as the mindset of the students and the conditon of campus and the buildings including the cafe and dormitories.

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