Johnson C Smith University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is located directly up the street from Uptown Charlotte and I always brag on the scenery and the places I can go shopping along with the any special events at school.


That my school is in Charlotte and I love it here because I found an excellent word based church.


We have the most school spirit and our school is small, so that makes us feel more like a family


Usually when I brag about this school I am talking about homecoming or the events that are going on either on campus, or around the charlotte area.


That we have a school that treats all its students as equals.


How great our basketball team is and how much freedom you get. Also how much easier it is to learn in smaller classrooms.


I would have to our new President of the school. He is very educated, and outgoing with the students on campus.


I tell my friends how my when i'm at school i feel loved. How the students an faculty treat you like you are somebody. How the diverse the people are at my school but how we treat each other like we have known each other i whole lives. I love Johnson C Smith and i wouldn't attend another school if they paid me.


When I am amongst my friends from home, I usually brag about how close everyone is to one another. Here at Johnson C. Smith University we are more like family. Even for certain events like homecoming or football games the alumni get together and it's like one big family reunion. Also the amount of school spirit on this campus is never ending. Everyone that i have spoken to whether they attend this school now or in the past , have enjoyed there experiences here and are proud to be smithites but better yet Golden Bulls.


We are the CIAA Champs and Miss CIAA.


When I do talk about my school to other peolpe i discuss how the professors that are in the psychology feild are understanding and caring. They help you in every way that they can. Another thing that I talk about is the cultural event that we attend. My school gets us the best seats and it helps us, the students to open our minds to new things. When you do something in Johnson C. Smith they want to be apart of your happiness and sucess.


Some of the things I would brag about towards my friend?s concerning my university would be D.E.L.M. the things we do, the things we experience, the things we learn, and the things we maintain through an extraordinary edification. Students here know what it takes to make good grades, we also remember that we?re scholars; meaning we can still have fun as long as we are responsible. This school takes us on trips to real businesses and provides internships. This school has faculty which help those in need from books to money, this school is awesome.


When talking about Johnson C smith University I usually talk about our level of prestige among Historically Black College University. For instance, we are the top ranked HBCU n the state if NC and ranked 10th nationally. We also are one of only two institutions with a free standing honors college facility.




I try not to mention my school much; there is not anything overwhelmingly important to brag about, however I do not let anyone demean my school either.


Pride is mentioned about Johnson C. Smith University ranking as number 10 on the top HBCU list. Next I have great pride in being a laptop university in which help is offered from your professors through the internet as well as office hours and after-class. I am proud of Smith in the athletic department in which our boys' basketball team is CIAA Champions and the girls are CIAA Runner-ups. Also, historically, our school hosted the first collegiate African American football against our rivals Livingstone University. When it come to bragging rights, Johnson C. Smith is the beholder.