Johnson County Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Price is low and class sizes are small


I get to hang out with the athletes alot more than any regular school. It is a lot cheaper to go to this school. The teacher truly care for there subject and want to help. Most of them are good at teaching.


The classroom sizes are smaller, making communication to classmates and the professor easier. The campus is beautiful, compact, and easy to navigate. There are countless clubs and organizations to join, as well as many activities to get involved in. The faculty are extremely kind and helpful, and the students are all friendly.


The classes are very small and personal. The professors were able to focus on individual students because very few of the classes have more than 30 students. Most of the professors not only taught classes in their field of study, but also worked in the profession. For instance, my pyschology professor is also a clinical psychologist. All but 2 of the buildings are connected, so once you learn to navigate the campus you can get to almost all of your classes without going outside, which is great in bad weather.


Well, to be honest the only thing I can brag about is the cost. Although I am recieving a great education, unexpected turns in my life have changed my life severly since high school. I could also brag about how much "easier" it is than a university becuase of the small class sizes. All in all, it really is not too much to brag about.


JCCC is a very nice school, boasting great instructors and faculty as well as the buildings themselves being well kept and rather well laid out on the campus. However, I think that I brag most about the people I have met and about the theater department, as that is my chosen degree. Also the parking, there is plenty of parking on campus for all the faculty and students, though you might not get the ideal spot right next to the building.


Quality education is what JCCC is all about. At JCCC, small class sizes are common; thus, not only do professors get to know you, you get to know your professors. The professors are well-prepared, willing to help, and they care about every one of their students. Moreover, the campus at JCCC is beautiful, well-maintained, and spacious. All classrooms are fully equipped, and the availability of resources is appalling. JCCC was my choice because not only is it affordable, it is an excellent institution. You get a bang for your buck, and an outstanding education.