Johnson County Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone from another state, because it would be cheaper for them to go to their local community college instead.


Determination is key in any community college or university. Without the drive to succeed, students will surely fall below their potential. Students that are unwilling to put in time and effort should not attend Johnson County Community College. This school provides many opportunities to a wide variety of individuals and if one takes advantage of these benefits they will undoubtedly thrive. College is not a time to be lazy or inattentive. One without motivation, without inspiration, and without the drive for success should not attend Johnson County Community College because hard work is necessary for any amount of achievement.


A person who is looking for heavy student life and involvement. JCCC has a wide variety of students, and is the biggest and most equipped community college I have attended, but the student involvement is particularily low. Of course you tend to find that this is true with most community colleges because of the variety of people in attendance.