Johnson County Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The bus is very expensive.


Lately they have been implementing new policies in terms of enrolling for classes. We can no longer enroll after the first day of classes, and instead of the pro-rated refund policy that they used to have, drops are now limited to the first 2 weeks of class.


It's so big. I'm afraid that getting to my classes on time will be close to impossible. They're all ten minutes apart and I have no idea where to go. If the areas had names other than GEB and CC I would remember them better. Like, maybe, if one area were the Gryffindor area I would remember it better.


Theres nothing in particular that is "frustrating" about my school. They make everything pretty easy and simple. The only thing would be how hard it is to see a counsler. It took me days to finally talk to a counsler and in the end it didnt help much.