Johnson County Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Johnson County Community College not only provides the opportunities for success, but it aids that success in each of the attending students. One of the most beneficial aspects of this college is the variety of study sessions and mentors provided for each class. Many students struggle in various classes. With the help of small classes and individualized studying students are able to address their issues and persevere through even the hardest of classes. The best aspect of Johnson County Community College is by far the success it grants all types of students and the aid it provides for this success.


The employees. When you are a very fresh freshman, it's nice to know you can get help with pretty much any question you have. The employees are very friendly. They aren't condescending. They don't act like they are too busy to deal with you. They listen to what you say and never act as if you asked an unimportant question. And if they don't know the answer, they'll tell you, and find someone who CAN answer. I like being treated like an individual human being, not just another student.


The best thing about my school is the different help centers that JCCC has. There is a writing center, a math center, and there are also times that are set up for help in science. There are both students and teachers that are in these centers to answer questions, and help you feel better about your classes, as well as to help you better understand what you are learning.


As I want a degree in Technical Theater I consider the theater department to be the best place to be & to have some of the best instructors at the school. Our theater department and facilities have spoiled me a little and I am finding, as I look around to transfer to a 4 year, that the instructors & space we have provided for us at JCCC is beyond spectacular. We have 3 well equipped theaters, a wonderful props room, a very nice costume shop, & the shop area (construction) is one of the best I have ever seen & worked in.