Johnson State College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I'v known everything about my college sence the day I picked it.


I wish I had known exactly what classes were under the general requirements so I could have spaced out the classes I was taking. If I had known ahead of time I could have planned to not take all difficult classes in a semester. I may have had more success if I knew what I had to do.


That our business office needs 'repair'. I have had more issues with the people who control my money than anything else. One moment they tell me "Oh don't worry, your set" and the next day i will get a bill for 200 dollars for something I knew nothing about!


There is not that much to do other than partying.


To stay focused on acedemics during the week and to attend every class. And don't buy all your text books new for one, and not right away as you may be able to split the cost or find a good deal on a used text book.


That I would have a negative encounter with a fellow male student.


Nothing...i knew everything i needed to know.


to buy more winter socks..and good blankets


I wish that i had known about how long it would take for me to finish my degree. I have to be here extra because the classes are not set up so that you can take them on time. some times you have to wait a whole year to take a class because it is not offered again till then.