Johnson State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The people at Johnson State College are very open and helpful.


I like the freedom I have to be in classes; I get to choose where I want to end up--I never had that experience before in highschool.


Tie between the professors and the mountains. The mountains because they're just very peaceful to look at and fun to hike, the professors because they really make the school and the programs there what they are. The students and faculty are very close, so when one leaves it's a loss, and when one joins the family it's a reason to celebrate and be excited.


I consider the size most inportant. I knew i didnt want to go t a school where i coulndt get t know the teachers. i like that they know our names.


The Location. Its a school set in the mountians on Johnson, Vermont. You can have fun while doing your work.