Johnson University Florida Top Questions

What should every freshman at Johnson University Florida know before they start?


A wise statement declares that “you'll be the same person in ten years, as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read.” I believe this statement holds merit, and perhaps it’s most beneficial during college, where you’ll learn information and make friendships that will help set the trajectory of your future. If my present self could converse with myself in high school, I would remind myself of this wise counsel. Of course, the conversation would be peppered with warnings about untimely events; a broken heart, a wrong turn, a time I lost my temper, but the focus would be on friendships and books, for they open many doors. I do not regret my major or choice to focus on academics. But today, as a father of three toddler girls, all born within twelve months of each other, and a teacher with a stay-at-home wife, I am constantly seeking knowledge, and wise relationships to better myself and give my family the best chance to succeed. I realize that the prime time to accomplish this was in college, and now spend much of my time trying to amend that lost opportunity.


The advice I would give myself is to be a lot more organized with all of my classes because it will help me in the long run when running into deadlines for projects and assignments. Also I would let myself know that I should start handling my time wisely and not continue to be lazy. Being ahead and on top of my assignments makes a world of difference and suprisingly enough, it will help me a lot less stressful. Studying is a must, but not at the last minute. Once I learn how to manage my study time, I will be very well prepared for many of the tests coming my way. Another advise I would give myself is to remeber that the teachers are always there to help me and they do want me to be successful. Make sure to take in and apply all the advise given by them because they will help tremendously in the future. Also, although studying and keeping up my grades are important, remember to take time to relax and enjoy my time in college. It will be a time where I will make friends that will last me a lifetime.


I have been academically challenged, which is really important to me. I also made some friendships that I know will last a really long time, and they have highly benefitted me. This school is valuable because it helps me in spiritual walk, and is helping me to prepare for a life in ministry.


Honestly, it would be really simple, get into it quickly and don't wait around. On that first day get out there and meet people, and start building those bonds fast. Classes are going to be a bit rough and you need to stay focused or grades will slip, and that is not good. This is even more of a reason to get to know the students around here, especially those on campus because they will keep you on task because so many of the classes that you have will be in common with those that are in your year group. It is important to have that support structure and friendships. Its not gonna be that bad, but be prepared.