Johnson University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The classmates at Johnson University (formally Johnson Bible College) are great! Because Johnson has a smaller number of students than most high schools, it just makes everyone closer. We are like a giant family. You are able to know everyone on campas by name because of the small size, but its great because there are enough people that you can hang out with different people if you wanted to. I love all of the students that come here, and I consider them like family, they are definetly going to be friends for life.


You will not be able to find nicer people anywhere! My classmates are filled with the spirit of the Lord and they genuinely care about you and your well being. I do not know of any other college where this is more true.


Friendly, fun and caring.


Crazy fun people always helping out.


A mix of sturggling, conservative evangelicals working to understand truths about a religion they've been brain-washed to believe in.


Classmates are boring, smart, and refuse to take chances in life.


Amazing group of friends


My classmates are friendly and very fun to be around.


Students at Johnson Bible College are friendly, outgoing, eccentric, eclectic, and Christian.


My classmates are interactive, fun, helpful and plan nice!


My classmates desire to change the world.