Johnson University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


You only learn as much as you want to. Make sure to take enough notes and KEEP THEM! You will find yourself going back to your notes on a regular basis once you are in your career.


How backwards, unorganized, and dishonest the faculty administration are.


Its what I expected.


I wish I had known a little more about how we're treated. Sometimes I feel because we are being held accountable we are also still treated like high schoolers. I love that we are held accountable by professors and students, but I feel like there are so many rules, and so little commitment to correct us when we're wrong and offer tough love. I wish I would have taken my first semester more seriously in setting standards for my academics.


Just how amazing the experience would be!


The Media Department is built up to be a little bit more than it is. They don't really tell you that there is only one video and TV professor. Because Meida is my major I was disappointed.


I feel like the school did a good job of letting students know what the college is about before even attending so if a student is surprised then it is because they didn't listen or read information that was available to them.


I wish I would have known that the teacher ed. program made changes to the program frequently.




I wish that I would have known people that went to this school or came with people I knew. I knew nobody coming in. I survived and am enjoying it though.