Johnson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The community. The people, both students and faculty, are all very welcoming and form a great community. Students are actually encouraged to get more involved off campus because it is so easy to live perfectly content just on campus with your other friends!


Johnson Bible College is exactly with is stated, a bible college. So every person on this campus is a Christian, its so good to know that none of us have a problem with putting God into everything we do. Before everything we pray, we involve God in all of our classes because all of the students here are getting trained to serve God in their own way. So many the things that cause people to get distracted from school simply don’t happen here, and its so nice to know that God is in everything we do here on campus.


The relationship between faculty, staff and students was great.


Most professors are there for you when you need them most.


Johnson offers a place where students can come and gain the knowledge and wisdom they need to go into a field of ministry, counseling, or teaching. The small class sizes allow for students to be in a better learning environment. The smaller campus size makes getting to know other people easier. With less people around the faces are much more familiar than those at larger schools. The friendships you build here will be ones that last. If you work hard at it, this place can be a spiritual training ground to prepare those going into ministry for battles to come.


The best thing about this school is graduting and getting away from all the dumb rules that they impose on students for four years.




Everyone was very frindly without being fake. My school was 7.5 hours away from my home and I went only knowing 2 people so it was easy to fit in and make friends fast.


The community here at Johnson is my favorite part. I also like that the professors live on campus. That's dedication.