Joliet Junior College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believe that Joliet Junior College is known for being a "stepping stone" College to transfer to bigger and better Universities.


My school is best known for being one of the best Community colleges in the state.We also have a very well known Culinary Arts and Hospitality management program that is growing in popularity over time.The college is very affordable and willing to work with you in any situation that may arise during your stay.


Its Veterinary Technician program and how it is one of the best due to its on site kennels and closeness to live stock.


Joliet Junior College is best known for their great quality of education at an affordable price per credit hour. Most of the teaching faculty are professionals in their field of study and bring real life experience to the class room. The teachers are dedicated and committed in helping you understand the material taught in the class. They even go to the extent of working around your schedule to further assist you with the material.


Joliet Jr. College is best know for a starter school to prepare you for a 4 year institution. Also it is widley know for its Culinary Program and Hospitality Program.


Joliet Junior College is best known for providing educational programs to residents., organizations, and businesses. Their goal is to prepare students for success in higher education. They also provide learning oppurtunities to students who want to prepare for the future.