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I've been in JJC for two semesters now and I can honestly say I love JJC. Everyone is always willing to help and teachers are very reasonble with homework and understand adult students. I will highly recommend JJC to others. And keep in mind, you never really here good things about anything, you always tend to hear and read negative things more than anything. People just don't take the time to post reviews, unless it was a negative experience.otherwise ilike it because their alot of help thats what i recommed cause i love learning new things in


The unqiue thing about Joliet Junior College is that they have so much to offer you. For instance, Joliet Junior College offers classes in every major you can image. The nursing program is amazing and they also have many more programs that will lead you to a life of success.


The most uniuqe quality of Joliet Junior College compared to other schools is that they have their own day care center. As an education major I have found myself in the day care center a few times doing voluntary hours and school work. Although, most college students do not have children; Joliet Junior College understands the fact that people attending the school do have their own children. The wondeful thing about the child care center is that students in the child development and early child care programs are allowed to work hands on with children in the day care center.


The Uniqueness about JJC is that I can pick the time of day and which campus is closest and convenient for me. Other schools that are not a community college for incoming freshman require a certain on campus dorming rule and can be very expensive. The atmosphere at each JJC campus is so friendly. The professors trully motivate the students and keep everyone interested in learning.


Joliet junior College is the oldest and one of the best community colleges in the nation. It has 3 campuses with a wide variety of majors to choose from and offers a great opportunity to be taught in smaller class size settings at prices that are lower than those of a 4-year school. It also has a great staff that is dedicated towards helping their students achieve their goals as they go through programs at JJC or get ready to transfer to a 4-year University.


the unique thing about my school is the culinary arts on how creative and artistic they can make different things with food


Joliet Junior College is an extremely diverse campus. From attending classes, and working on campus I have had the opportunity to meet so many different people of so many different backgrounds. This college educates upwards of 20,000 students-each different and unique. I love meeting new and exciting people every day.