Joliet Junior College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about JJC would be how certain teachers seem not to care about their class at all. It seems as though they are only there for the paycheck and that the students' wellbeing is ignored. Other than that, the school is great.


I really wouldn't say there is a worst thing. It's just your average 2-year college.


I Attend Joliet Junior College, a school full of pros but there are a few cons. The classes tend to fill up quickly. General education classes such as Bio 151 (General Biology) fill up with-in days. That is just one example of many. Also the academic advising is not user friendly, it can be very crowed. Nearly all of JJC's problems can be attributed to Overpopulation.


Big Class size, school too hard to get around and need to take classes that are not required.


i really haven't found that out yet.


Joliet Junior College is a commuter school, so despite the great savings in housing costs, the "college experience" is limited to a merely academic one.