Joliet Junior College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Its not that a certain person shouldn't attend the school, because I believe that everyone should try to get some type of education, but people who can not commit to going to class everytime or do the homework, they could find themselves struggling to pass the class.


Only attend this school if you absolutely need to. It is finantially most affordable, however you get less than what you pay for (socially, accedemically, and career based) - which isnt a lot.


I think Joliet Junior College is a great school for just about anyone except for those who are looking for a specific trade degree that JJC does not offer.


I believe that everyone should have a chance to attend school, however, the school should work on a three strikes and you're out system. It isn't fair to other students or the professors to have undergraduates who are just attending school, not really concerned about their academics or future and waisting other peoples time and money.


A person who has a good GPA and ready to not waste time


Joliet Junior College can be beneficial to almost anyone. It is especially helpful to students who are still unsure about their educational plans. As a result the only kind of person who wouldn't benefit as much from attending Joliet Junior College is someone who already set their sights on a specific school and is fully prepared to enter it.


Its for everyone, more affordable then other schools so people can take different classes and explore their paths and goals.


In my opinion,those who do not want to succed in life. In order to succed in life you have to like what to do and go forward with determination and enthusiam.Persons that going to school look for a new life .They trace a norm in their life until the get what they want, without fear and hesitation. Persons with a single goal do something for themself , and make they family proud .