Joliet Junior College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the faculty and staff, because they help and are willing to help their students in achieving anything they are trying to accomplish in.


The best thing about JJC is SOME of the professors are AWESOME. They are hard to find, but when you do find them, you'll find yourself staying in touch with them even after class is over.


Joliet Junior College allows students from all over the area to receive a reasonable education through an associates degree or general education courses. The school has so many cool programs through the office of student activities from free food to live music. Even though JJC is a community college, I am saving a lot of money by going there. Although, I woul love to go to a universty, my family funds are not up to par with the current cost of college. I hope to graduate from JJC with an associaies degree and eventually teach elementary children.


The best thing about my school is that most of my high school friends attend JJC. People at my college are very friendly and kind. The teachers are very helpful and considerate. There are different activities that go on through the school year to get involved and it also helps kids to meet new people.


What I consider the best thing about Joliet Junior College is the flexibility of their course schedules and the great guidance of the Academic Counselors. Many students have jobs, including myself, and JJC makes it easier to sign up for classes that fit a students busy schedule. The academic Counselors take their time to find the best classes to fit your major. Most students transfer to a 4 year college or university so the counselors do a good job in helping you pick courses that transfer to other schools.


I personally enjoy the fact that Joliet Junior College accepts practically anybody with a highschool diploma. Anyone and everyone who attends JJC has the same chance, if not better, as students attending a university to gain a great education. There could be a better chance to learn at JJC as opposed to a university due to the "one on one" style of teaching. There are a lot less students per class at JJC than your average university and some of the educators that work at this school are tops in their fields, even though it is a junior college.


Joliet Junior College is a very good transition from high school to college. It allows you to be fully independent, but its location is close to home for many which makes it extremely convenient. Also, in addition to being less expensive than other colleges Joliet Junior College also provides a high quality education. The atmosphere at Joliet Junior College is also comfortable and the staff members are always available to help. There are also many counselors on campus that are available to answer questions and help students plan their educational path.


It's small. I like this because I get to know the teachers.


The best thing about my school , I would say "Everything" it has a nice environment, excellent and passionate teachers and students with dream and goals .Everybody seem to be engage in learning and it encourage the rest of the student to do the same.