Jones County Junior College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is so much better than High School. Pay attention to Mr. Hathorn, he is a good teacher and far harder than anything you will face in college. Don't panic, it will all work out great. Mom is right, listen to her advice and quit being such a pain when she is trying to help. Electrical Engineering is a blast! What Mr. Hathorn is teaching WILL help you. Establish a routine as soon as you start college and stick to it and include a workout program. That Freshman 15 comes hard and fast! It's fine to play around some, but you have to keep your focus on your goals or you will wake up and find it is year two and you still don't know what you want. It is ok to miss your parents and its pretty nice to have them visit on Wednesday for a date to eat sushi!


Use every moment to learn something new. Remeber not to procrastinate. Do everything you can at the beginning of the semester, so the workload isn't so heavy at the end of the semester.


I would definitely tell myself to not go straight to a university (which, is what I did my freshman year before JCJC). I went to a very ill-preparing high school and I was not ready for the shock of a big university and college way of thinking. JCJC is a great transition with teachers who truly care about your academics. I would definitely say that the teachers at Jones are better than the University I attended. They are better trained, they are universal and communicate with each other, and they are not grad-students teaching you.


If I could go back in time I would like to visit some college classes and observe them. I would be more involved in study habits. I would know the career I would like to do for the rest of my life. I would know better what to expect when I attended college. College is different from school. I would know the cost of sttending college


I would tell my self to apply more effort in my schoolwork and study habits, so that I could have a better gpa and better opportunity for better colleges. I would actually like to tell this to myself at the beginning of highschool, and I could have taken my a.c.t more to get a higher score.


If I could give counsel to my senior self, I would tell him how important it is to work hard in college. Many people consider college to be a time for partying before entering "the real world." What these people forget is that hard work pays off. College at first glance seems easy. From skipping classes to living without parental supervision, college provides freedom that high school students could only dream of. This freedom, if used wisely, is a great thing and should be used in such a way that matures college students. However, if hard work takes the back seat to this newly found freedom, you could run into some problems.


Nothing is what you've expected, but the surprise is pleasant. Keep your mind open and allow for changes. The year and a half I've spent at JCJC have been incredible, and the people are amazing. It's nothing like high school, so you'll get along fine. You're gonna love it.


I would go back to myself as a high school senior and advise myself to crack down on my ACT prep and study more for it. I know now that it is one of the most important things, along with my GPA and discipline records, to follow me and in determining if I make it as a college student. Also, now I know that with my ACT score's being of a certain number I will have an opportunity for scholarships through colleges close to my home.


Fear is our biggest weakness and change invokes fear within us. However, we should not let it curtail our hopes. We should keep our minds open to new ideas and experiences. I know that you think that you know something about everything, but there are people smarter than you who would like to help you succeed. Take the "good" advice, but proceed with caution when putting it to use. You may find yourself staring into the mirror curious about self-work, but know that you are amazing and can do awesome things if you use that bright mind right.


Just stick with it, because it is worth it. Go to all of your classes. Study, love what you do. And get lots of sleep, and just do what you are suppose to. Just stick with it.


I would tell my self to start college that summer I got out of high school!


Study hard and pay attention to everything the teacher says. Life is not easy and there will always be a challenge to face. Get ready and be strong!