Judson University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Judson is a Christian University. Students who are non-believers might feel out of place. There are a lot of strict rules that reflect the Christian faith and life here, and it may be challenging for those students who do not align themselves with the Christian faith to appreciate and abide by the rules. Students who are looking for "easy As" don't belong here. The professors assign a lot of work and take their courses seriously.


A person who is not open new experiences, ideas and a person who is not open to diversity both cultural and religious should not attend Judson University (formerly Judson College).


Anyone can attend Judson University. We have a very diverse student body and assortment of majors.


Really anyone could attend and be okay but since you have to sign a lifestyle statement and there is not drinking or dancing allowed there will be plenty of people who do not want to attend.

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