Juniata College Top Questions

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I believe that at Coastal Carolina you can go for education but also have a wonderful social life. I have friends who get jealous when I tell them of the fun that we endure here. Sometimes you have to sit back and think to yourself "I have some great friends". There are plenty of wonderful people at the coast. By connecting with the right people, you are sure to have an unforgettable college experience.


I honestly believe Juniata has something to appease anyone's interests. There are so many clubs, activities, sports, and jobs you can be apart of here. Plus, if there is not a group that exists that is of your interest, it is fairly easy to start up a group on your own. Academically, I believe we are above many schools in our area. We have small class sizes and professors that don't just lecture you. Classes are interactive and hands on. Every department is very passionate about their field and will help you find your passion as well. Additionally, are POE's are a great way to explore all a student's interest. RIght now, I am making my own POE that includes professional writing and information technology. At most other schools around the country, you will not find a major that incorporates these two completely different fields of study. The campus is also simply beautiful. Everything is always kept very clean, presentable,and updated. Overall, Juniata is awesome in every way.


Overall, Juniata is a great school with a lof of potential. Everyone is involved and the professors are great. I have really enjoyed my 4 years at Juniata and although I will miss it, I will leave here very well-prepared for the real world.


At Juniata, student can make their own "Program of Emphesis" rather than sticking with prescribed "majors" and "minors." It is a unique experience for students to twist all of there interests into their education.


Juniata provides a personal learning environment with a supportive student body & engaged faculty.


Juniata is unique for many reasons. The campus does not harbor any greek life as in sororities or frats which is a definate perk for many students. who feel that such clubs segregate the college community. Juniata College also is very sustainable college in terms of environmentally friendly practices. In fact, recent renovations on one of the oldest buildings on campus enabled it to be completely sustainable and energy efficient.


Juniata College has a remarkably inviting and friendly community feel to it. I've never been so instantaneously comfortable in a new place as I have been here. There is also a "POE" (Program of Emphasis) program rather than majors which allows students great flexibility in their studies. There are no graduate students at Juniata so all research is done by undergraduates, making it easy for undergraduates to participate in and design their own projects.


The professors give us attention and help us more because it is a small school, I learn more


It is much smaller and provides a more intimate setting than others I looked at.


Very small, unique and everyone knows everyone. It is a very close-knit community.