Juniata College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The school is very diverse in many ways. Anyone who is willing to work and study hard should attend Juniata College. Everyone at school is very accepting.


Someone who is interesting in having a well-rounded liberal arts education.


I think that the person best suited to Juniata is someone who is serious about their studies, but also has a sense of adventure, and appreciates an unusual sense of fun. Certain traditions, such as the Mr. Juniata pageant and the "storming of the arch" would appeal to those unusal senses of humor. Any serious students who need to be pushed would do well here. The science faculty in particular will be tough on their indroductory classes, to test them. Study abroad, community service, and service learning are all huge, which is good for those who need such things.


Academically driven, fun-loving individuals should attend this school. A person should enjoy pushing the limits of thier skills through heavy workloads yet not be scared to relax and "party" if they are even considering Juniata.


Someone who doesn't mind going to a smaller school and who wants a great education.


Juniata College is good for people who are interested in getting an education. Juniata is very focused on giving you a great education but you must be willing to work for it. There is the potential for a lot of individual attention here at Juniata. Classes are typically small and there are plenty of opportunities for students to meet either in small groups or one-on-one with professors.


The kind of student that should attend Juniata College needs to be dedicated to their studies and make sure they do not fall behind in their work. But in order to get the full experience of the college, it is also important to attend activities out of the class room to make sure you make new friends and become informed about subjects that range from the arts to science.


A person who is looking for a small friendly environment. Someone who loves the outdoors, and someone who probably is conservative. A person who is looking to study in science or the medical field would find my school more than suitable.