Juniata College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are a party-oriented person with a need to leave in a big city with sky-scrappers or want constant entertainment, you should not go here because this college is small and located in a rural area.


Anyone who is only attending college because his/her parents want him/her to go to college should not go. While Juniata does appreciate the unusual and fun, classes themselves are taught by faculty and taken by students who really want to be in school. While classes always have some who need one more class, the students know that overall , college is where they want to be, students who do not want to be in school at all will struggle and fail. Those who have a hard time being away from home will also struggle, and shouldn't come.


Do not consider Juniata College if you are not ready to handle an extremely challenging workload.


Someone who wants to go into the sciences without doing much work, or anyone who likes clubbing. It's a small town.


Anyone could attend this school.


Someone who doesn't take school seriously and without the willingness to work hard.


If you do not like a small town feel, Juniata is not for you. While the campus is spread out over a decent amount of land, the town of Huntingdon is a good 10 minute walk and does not include many shopping areas. Also, those who want more of a party school will be disappointed. While there are activities over the weekend, it usually lasts one night and not during the week.


Anyone looking for a large school or city-based...or anyone that wants cliques.