Juniata College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Juniata College is the lack of activities to do on campus. They have ample amounts of clubs to join, but the campus does not have very many places for students to meet and conjur.


The work load is definitely the most frustrating thing about Juniata, but that's what I wanted in a college, so I can't complain. While it can easily get out of hand, as long as you keep track of your time and work hard you won't have too much trouble.


The most frustrating aspect about my school is its location. Since it is located in rural Huntingdon, Pennsylvania there is not very much to do on weekends, and consequently much of the campus parties. As a result of the partying not many activities are brought in on the weekends, because the administration knows that students are less than likely to attend. I attribute these negative aspects to the location because I feel that if the school was more urban, or even suburban, then these other problems would not exist in the same aspect.


There seems to be a marked lack of socio-economic as well as racial diversity. Other than that I haven't found anything particularly frustrating.


There's not that many activities since the region is so rural in terms of shopping or going to the mall. The closest thing we have that's like a mall to us is Walmart. Other than that, you would have to find a friend to drive you to Penn State.


Food program.


There isn't much to do on the weekends.


The most frustrating thing with Juniata college is the cost of tutiton. It is very expensive to attend Juniata, and I wish there was more financial aid available to me. This college has so much academically to offer students, it is just very costly.