Kalamazoo Valley Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I am not sure--will be a new student when the semester starts


The best thing about my school right now is that they accept anyone. They allow anyone who want to start their education or continue their education in whatever field they want to. They are very helpful in fiancial aid, and giving you a better future, they give anyone a chance. Young, old, male or female, it doesnt matter, what matter's to them is that you get your education.


Kalamazoo Valley is a great two year community college. Individuals come here from all walks of life. The support system that Valley offeres it's students is phenomenal. Counselors and teachers make an effort to remember names and faces. Each student has a guidence counselor who will make weekly phone calls to the student just to make sure everything is going well and that they are still continuing down the path that reaches there goals. Kalamazoo Valley not only teaches a curriculum, but more importantly, valley teaches each individual how to get to the next place independently and confidently.


The best thing about my school is having teachers who actually care about my future, take time to get to know me, and appreciate educating others.


The campus is very easy to get around. They keep things very clean and organized. The staff is very friendly and is usually willing to help you with whatever it may be that you need help with.