Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


As a South Carolina Resident, I am an out of state student at the University of Georgia. The most frustrating thing is the fact that UGA seems to have little respect for out of state students. They offer very little money to out of state students and make the payment process unnecessarily complicated. Under circumstances I could not have prevented, this payment process has resulted in several late fees and almost dropped classes. I feel this is frustrating because I am a very valuable student that gets no recognition.


Financial Aid is the most frustrating thing about school. You can read all you want about financial aid on the internet, but each school apparently has different rules they use when it comes to allocating funds. They treat you like you are an idiot and they provide no help or guidance. The act like the money you get for school comes out of their pockets.