Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

Describe how Kansas City Art Institute looks to someone who's never seen it.


Kansas City Art Institute is small, and the coursework is rigorous, but it feels like home.


A diverse place where one can become amazing.


The Kansas City Art Institue is the place where any artist, no matter the talent or style, can flourish with helpful guidance and a unique sense of pride.


My school is a private 4 year college for the arts. It has an amazing campus. The work is challenging sometimes, but it keeps me on my feet. The kids are also amazing. The school is so small everyone knows each other. The staff is wonderful. They are very skilled and know how to teach. I am very happy I go there.


The most intense, satisfying, and educational experience of your life.


The Kansas City Art Institute is a very prestegious, liberal, and exclusive school for the fine arts.


the art institute is challenging, and if you arent flexible and open minded enough to see and trythings from another point of view, you will have a hard time.


Small and friendly--almost like a family or small community. Everyone begins by working together as a Foundation student, so all students really get to know one another before going off into seperate majors. Students engage in studio from very early in the morning until very late at night, so they definitely develop life-long friendships and strong bonds. The campus is beautiful and green with quite a few historical buildings used as classrooms and adminstrative buildings.


A private art school that is designed to push you in directions that you may not have taken by your own initiative, while providing a space to grow and explore all aspects of art.


Kansas City Art Institute is a place of close nurture and tough love, because we all know we've got potential, and they're here to help us realize it and get it out into the world successfully.