Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

Describe the students at Kansas City Art Institute.


The people here are highly creative and a little eccentic, but friendly and fun if you take the time to get to know them.


My classmates are honest, full of advice and open.


My classmates are a kaleidoscope of talented, fresh, speculative, sharp, disoriented, inspired, passionate, perceptive, maniacal, private, witty, dazed, rambunctious, audacious, bizarre, intimate, inconsistent, chatty, extraordinary, provocative, disturbing, alluring, vibrant, preposterous, intoxicated, intense, focused artists.


The classmates in my class were fun, unique, and creative.


All the students are open-minded and willing to listen to knew ideas which makes it a good place to learn and grow.


Most classmates are interested, thoughtful, open, caring, friendly, and fun. I would say that they are wide-ranging and diverse, yet also unified by their interests in art and liberal arts, so all are connected in some way or another.


Most of my educational peers are dedicated and artistically talented visual artists. If you a apply yourself at KCAI you will succeed.


My classmates are usually energetic, depending what finals are due that day and are extremely helpful and great people to be around.


Many tend to be nice, but there are a few you're never sure about and others that aren't very nice.


creative. open minded. loud.