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The first year of school is called foundation year. Rather than jump into a major or take courses we may or may not need, the school requires all freshman to take the same first year, allowing the student to sample a bit of each type of work, like sculpting or painting, before going into it.


The uniqiness about the Art Institutes is that it has a really good teaching process. They have cool teachers so that you feel close and comfortable with them. The classes are small so you can get to know your peers better. You also have a diversity of different major students that can help you with some of your projects because of the major there in.


My school is very small. As a result, we are a very tight-knit community. When I first visited the campus the student giving me a tour said hello to at least half of the people we passed. I got a feeling of support and security, as well as the notion that the entire institute possessed a sort of mutual sense of humor. I still sense all of those things today. It is really amazing that whenever I am unmotivated or feeling down I can just walk to school, sit in the coffee shop or studio, and get cheered up.


I went through a long process of looking at different schools. Twice. I originally attended Cleveland Institute of Art, but struggled with the schools lack of liberal course offerings. KCAI stood out because of this. Its new programs offered just as many intense art classes as liberal arts. This was important to me. It also has one of the best known ceramic programs in the nation, a major I was interested in studying. It also offered a dual degree program where i am able to pursue both my passion in art and my passion for writing.


The foundation program is very challenging, very demanding and sets the pace for good work standards, creating lasting friendships and opportunities to learn from one another. The instructors are available on many levels; as mentors, counselors, resources, and obviously offer every chance to experiment and develop personal strengths. This school allows free expression in all art forms. And because the school is relatively small, the upper class students are supportive as well. the incoming students. I find that the academic aspect of this school is quite rigorous which adequately educates the students as well as prepares them for advanced degrees.


The great thing about the Kansas City Art Institute is the location, many of the schools which i applied were located on the east coast. being the fact that im from the south east i wanted a change; something that I've never experienced and wished to partake in. the Ceramic department here is fabulous, this school is known nationally for its 3-dimensional skills and advisement. another reason why it great here is how small it is and the communication with individuals through out the campus, the faculty and staff are always helpful with students needs and encourage change.