Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not know if art is what they want to do. Someone who is lazy and plans to do as little work as possible. You must want to do it and must be able to do it.


People that are not commited or lack a strong personal conviction along with a set of end goals upon graduating should not attend this school expecting a positive outcome. People who assume an institute will inherently create a successful artist out of them without their own equal amount of hard work, or those that do not equate liberal arts would suffer. Anyone lacking philosophy, critical thinking, research and language skills as an important emphasis within their art education should not attend. Anyone that assumes art school is glamorous, fun, or unchallenging should not attend KCAI.


Anyone who is not serious about putting forth all of their efforts into what they love...which at this school should be art.


One who is ready to jump in and make some mistakes are the only ones admitted. I say that becuase of what my my profeesor told me the first day of class. "Perfection is only obtained though imperfection" is what he told me and its true. The Art Isnstitue wants pooeple who are willing to learn not non chalant artist who think they dont need anyones critique.


A person not interested in art or who wants to play on a sports team should not attend this school.


If you're a person who thinks art school is like a full time hobby for people who don't know what else they should do with their lives, I would recommend saving your time and not applying. It is intense and the thing that makes so grueling is that there is no cap on the level of achievement. We as students, people learning and growing, have infinite heights to reach and because of this, art schools like KCAI are only as useful as you make them. The harder you work the farther you get.


Anybody who does not have a sense of humor, or any ability to be tolerant of difference. this school is full of life and people who are full of life.


A person that could not attend this school is someone that was not interested, or self-motivated in making art. This school is a grate place to expand your artistic talent. People that aren't thinking about creating and growing as an individual should not. If you don't feel like spending 30 hours give or take a week in studio then you shouldn't. If you are not open to other artist sharing their ideas and taking their idvice into consideration you should not attend this school. You should not be afraid to fail in your art work either.


Someone who is anti-social because everyone here is close, students to students to professors and all (in a good way). All classes are under 25 people. There are under fifty professors so everyone knows everyone.