Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It'd be the mindset of teacher-is-god. No one around here seems to challenge anything they're told; for all the sprinkles of genius these art-kids seem to have, very few I meet seem to have any inclination to think for themselves. They suck up philosophies and modes of thought faster than ShamWow, and they're so deep in contemplation over the intricacies of "It's like, you know, everything man." that they never bother to kick on the IQ ( pocketbook?) they're so acredited for. It is a necessity in art to challenge the status quo.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost of the tuition. I don't know who sets the bar that high but $118,000 dollars for 4 years of education? When I was a kid my mom paid £6 for a half hour piano lesson once a week. My teacher got me to semi professional in about 7 years!


I'd have to say it would be the cost of the materials. Art supplies aren't cheap anymore, and we always have to buy a ton with each new prijects, so it's taking alot out of my wallet, not just the tuition, but all the other cost as well., but im guessing all universities have to spend diffrent amounts of money on certain things, but the art supplies are rediculous now these days.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cafeteria. The amount of space for all the students is uncomfortable. There is little seating. We do have a park outside but we are not allowed to take food out there. Also, when the weather is poor there is little space. The food is also poor. They serve the same thing everyday. I would enjoy alittle change.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is not too ethnically diverse. Kansas City is black and white with hardly anything in between. I would like to experience more people who come from a different background. Sometimes I found it hard to connect with upperclassmen because freshman live in the dorms on-campus and upperclassmen, typically, live in off-campus housing.


The most fustrating thing about the Kansas City Art Institute is trying to get enough sleep to function at a level required to produce great work, while still getting everything that needs to be done finished on time.


There is nothing frustrating about my school.


The school is more philosophically and artistically oriented rather than technically based. While craftsmanship is important, concept is held in much higher regard. This can be frustrating.