Kansas City Art Institute Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


They give me the confidence to go out and be and amazing artist, because the teach me everything I need to know to do amazing in my field.


We are a highly diverse learning community, with focus on a smaller ammount of students. It's all a very personal experience between the faculty, with a constant pressure on origionality and pushing for the different approaches to all situations. So it's very welcoming environment to even our newest students.


I am at an art school, where I can pursue my dreams in the field of art, without having to take any liberal classes except for one.


I beleive the institution I am currently enrolled in is best known for its facilities, and teachers. We learn from working professional artist, and their are actual times when we learn from people who created the programs the school has to offer. It is very often that we have group critiques where actual artist and prfessionals from companies come in and evaluate our bodies of work. The facilities are unlike most for sculpture and ceramics, we offer so many different ways of creating sculptures.


The community feel, there is always someone willing to help you out no matter what the problem is. Making friends for life is super easy.


The self-discipline that one has to apply to get something out of the school.


its location in new place where art is happening.


The best thing about this school is the sense of community, you can grow from differnt artists and peers.


Everyone there is really openminded. You will find most of the teachers very helpful in the field you are studying. It helped me to releave my anxiety about college.


The hot kilns in ceramics.