Kansas State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Our Aviation program


The Wabash Cannon Ball song during athletic games. Where the band plays the song and everyone in the band and the crowd bends back and forth opposite of the person next to you to the rhythm.


I'm not sure of any specific campus traditions, but I can say that I love the tradition KSU carries of having a beautiful campus to walk on. KSU does a great job keeping the campus clean and it has not gone unappreciated


Kansas State is best known for its' agriculture programs. Our crop studies here are some of the top in the nation. Kansas State is also known for its' Vetinary Program.


My school is mainly known for academically-focused, hardworking students, faculty, and staff. Everyone strives to do and be their best at everything as well as strives to achieve their best self. There are many opportunities and resources to help students do so, if they put effort to go find them. I love this college and would recommend it to anyone!


I think Kansas State University is known for there uplifting spirit when it comes to sports and the purple pride they have. I also think we have one of the best engineering programs of the United States of America and a really good vet school. Every area of field has good directions and how to make you the best of that field as they can. Kansas State University is known as K-State, purple pride wildcat.




football, agriculture, engineering


Most likely the big rivalry with Kansas University


Our school is best known for its Agriculture College. They have made great strides with this program and continue to achieve many prestigious awards.


Chocolate milk. Bill Snyder. Purple and white. K-State football. First university to get a land grant from the government.


Friendly faces on campus and enthusiatic sports fans.


They're best known for their amazing football team, the wabash, and being the best school ever.


How friendly the campus is.


Kansas State is best known for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere from both the staff and students that attend the school. Since Kansas State is a division one school, athletics are a popular event attended throughout the year by fans. Not only is this school well suited for every student, you'll always feel welcomed and a part of Kansas State from the moment you enroll.


Kansas State University is known for being a top educational institution as well as providing a wonderful student experience. Academic and athletic opportunities are everywhere if you take the time to take advantage of them. The atmosphere at this school is what really puts it over the top. The people that go here really care about one another and are invested in each other's success.


One of my favorite campus traditions is WRL or Wildcat Request Live. This event takes place during homecoming week when there are a lot of traditions but this one is by far my favorite. All the different homecoming perform a dance routine (both guys and girls) that's centered around our homecoming theme. It's like watching America's Best Dance Crew but instead of professionals it's your friends performing. The dances are elaborate and well planned out but always exciting. Whether you're performing or watching it's an event that everyone an enjoy just like the K-State Singers annual fall and spring shows. The K-State Singers are kind of like our version of Glee.


I was an undergraduate-student from 2004 to 2008 at Kansas State University. During that time they were best known for their Architexture program and Veternarian sciences. From 2008 to 2010 their Biology program grew due to the development of the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) next to KSU. Their chemistry program was strong due multiple reasons, but Dr. Kenneth Klabunde has lead a novel research area in nanoscale technology. I know nothing about the engineering progrom but they were rapidly making changes to their facility, this could suggest a rapidly growing program.


I think it is know for being within the top 3 in the nation for the interior design program.


My school is best known for several things, vet med, agriculture, but most of all, our school pride. I may be bias, but Kansas State has the best fans in the world. I love being in a sea of purple and hearing the fight song being screamed from all around me by my fellow K-state friends. K-state is a great place to be on game day. I have so many awesome memories from Kansas State games, which I wouldn't trade for anything!


Kansas state is known at the first landgrant school in the U.S., it has three main focuses research, extension, and education with a history of scholars as it ranks number one in public universities in the number of Rhodes, Truman, Marshall, Udall, and Goldwater scholarships.


band program, agriculture, football!


Heavy agriculture focus in sciences and revamped football during Synder's reign as coach.


Started as a school for agriculture, K-State has continued to be known for its agriculture-related programs; I, however, chose it for its impressive architecture program. Ranked in the top ten programs in the nation in almost all architecture categories, undergraduate and graduate, the Colllege of Architecture, Planning, and Design here has alumni who have gone on to find great success in the professional world, from owning their own international firms to even becoming a Disneyworld Imagineer. I have been quite impressed after just one semester in this prestigious program and look forward to the years to come.


Kansas State University is best known for the Wabash Cannon Ball. At least that's what people outside of Kansas. What they may not know is that Kansas State University is one of the best academic college's around. Kansas State is amoungst the top ten in America for the College of Business, Engineering, and Arcitecture.


The school is best known for its vetenary, business, and biology programs. Also it is known for Aggieville the downtown student bar area


Spirit, football, basketball, agriculture


My school is stereotyped as a hick agricultural school. While we do have a good ag program, there are also many other good things about K-State. We have a fantastic coach for our football team, as well as other good athletic teams. So far as academics go, the College of Business at K-State has very strong programs and a caring faculty. Student life at school is awsome, with something for everyone to do. Overall, K-State is known as a fantastic university that is very student-oriented.


It's best known for its Engineering and Vetrinary Medicine programs. It also has a high rate of people that graduate and get jobs within their field of study.


Since Kansas State University is a land grant university, I would say this university is best known for its agricultural opportunites. There is also a college of veterinary medicine, which attracts numerous students as well.


Agricultures and Education, in the community - basketball and football


Our school is usually characterized by the lack of interesting places surrounding it. Also, Agriculture and its studies are usually associated with the school. Before I came, I was under the impression that the school was inhabited by a high percentage of belt buckle wearing cowbows and hicks, but it turned out to be quite normal. The football team also used to have decent credentials. As far as the majors they offer, Architecture, which I am enrolled in, and engineering are their most notable programs.


Bill Schneider, Wildcats, Big 12 champions, aggieville






My school is best known for its incredibly friendly atmosphere. The people are easy going and are happy to help newcomers to campus. The students, faculty, and alumni are very passionate about the university and it has a special place in all of our hearts.


K-State is an "ag" school, so the agricultural programs are really good. But the school is more than agriculture. It is also known for its excellent engineering and architecture programs. It has a really good department of education. K-State is known as a school that cares about its underclassmen. The other major university in Kansas is known as a great grad school, but K-State is where you should go to get your undergraduate degree. K-State offers lots of scholarships to help you pay for college.


Sports are a big focus here.


It is a Big 12 school- so it is well known for both it's academics and athletics.


Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, Natural and Computational Sciences, Journalism and Mass Communications, and Human Ecology related fields, athletics, partying, a beautiful campus, and a friendly student body.




Football during the 90's with Coach Bill Snyder.


My school is best known for friendly people and unexpectedly great times.


Business, engineering, agriculture, architecture and its pre-vet program


There is so much, Kansas State is best known for helping a person a long the way in their acedemic career. They help out in every which way that can so that you will succeed and get out of college on time.


Architecture department. A few well published profs in Anthropology and Chemestry, less in Computer Sci


Football has probably garnered the school most of its national attention. Locally it is known as a very good engineering school, and is primarily made up of students from rural central and western Kansas.


it's ag school is very good. also, engineering .


Athletics and agriculture... Engineering too