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I think K-State is unique because it truly is a family. Being a freshman I was looking at going through a huge transition but coming here was made easier by the caring community, helpful staff and comfortable environment. I feel welcomed at K-State in a way I didnt at other colleges I toured.


Kansas State is truly one big family. Everyone is always extremely friendly and does the little things for you always like holding doors open, letting you know you dropped something, watching your stuff while you go to the bathroom. No one is ever rude to you. We truly care about our sports too. Everyone is always extremely supportive of our sports teams and takes a lot of pride in them doing well. When it's a gameday everyone has their puple on and is pumped up for the game.


The unique thing about my school was the vast diversity on campus and the friendly staff and students! Everyone makes you feel like you are at home and like they truly do care what you do with your life no matter what your background is! Also they have LOTS of free services, like free tutoring.


Kansas State University is unique because my entire family has gone here and we have cheered for Kansas State football and basketball since we were young. The campus offers a home-like feel within a university setting. This is literally my home away from home and everyone is so welcoming. The first day I was on campus I got lost, but an older student immediately walked me to where I needed to be without me asking them to do so.


Well there is a farm a mile from the campus and there is always something to do. We love to go to football games and our basketball team is really good as well.


What is most unique about Kansas-State University is the extensive number of foreign exchange students that attend, the closeness of the faculty with their students, and the availability of extracurricular activities. Students can be involved with others and the school in so many various ways, that everyone really has a place they belong.


The environment that Kansas State University provides is not only one that fosters positive learning experiences, but one that encourages a sense of togetherness between its faculty and students by creating a productive and friendly "home away from home." By providing a campus that is dedicated to not only the success of the student, but their best interests as well, Kansas State University is very unique. This is an attribute that is extremely hard to find in present day colleges and universities and is one of the main reasons why I chose to go to K-State.


It has some activites on it that you can always find some club or event which hold your interest.


When I stepped out of the car at K-State, it just felt right. The people were friendly and I felt a sense of belonging. Honestly, I would love to pursue a Master's degree here because not only am I very comfortable and think the professors are excellent, but this has become my home.


I chose Kansas State mostly because I came from a family that is very traditional and "home-town" type of people. I am very close to my family and couldn't imagine moving far away from them! That being said Kansas State is close to my home town which made it my top choice. My community from which I was raised is made up of families who have been in the same area for generations and I too am that type of person. That being said, another reason I chose KSU was because many friend and family attend this school.


One of the most unique aspects of K-state compared to the other schools I considered such as Princeton, Colorado School of Mines, and Kansas University, is the atmosphere of the campus. People here actually care about your success. You can ask even the Deans of Colleges and they won't send you away with the excuse that you should've talked to someone under them. They will sit with you and talk even if it's just to talk to you.


Kansas State University is there for the student: I have never seen a university so involved in students' lives. If a student is lost on campus, there are any number of people ready and willing to get them where they need to go. There is a counseling center for the students' psychological needs, a tutoring center for the students' educational needs, a career counseling center for their professional needs, and a legal center for their legal needs. The professors are willing and ready to invest in their students' lives, and there is a general atmosphere of community in the school.


The atmosphere is focused more on academics than the other aspects of college life.


It is the perfect size... large enough to find your nitch, but not overwhelming. The architecture program is competitive, challenging, and nationally ranked.


K-State has a small-town feel to it. Even though it is a big-12 school, it still has a special quaintness to it.


My school is close to home, very accepting, and has a friendly atmostohere.


It's the biggest school I considered.


KSU boasts a fantastic student body, as well as uncomparable research facitilites. For instance, it houses the *only* particle accelerator in the Midwest! This makes it a fantastic Atomic/Molecular/Optical college. The football games are packed with excited students, and the library is always quiet with computers available at a moment's notice. KSU also boasts a new government research facility as well as wind tunnels for a similar purpose.


To me Kansas State is one of the most friendly universities I have ever visited. That is what set it apart from other schools I considered. Also it has an unbelievable agriculture program.


It's a large campus (23,000 students) but it's a small school atmosphere; it's also extremely beautiful. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help each other. K-State was the first land-grant school in the country, having been founded in 1863. The school spirit is among the best in the nation; as is the sportsmanship among athletes. The unofficial fight song "Wabash Cannonball" is one of the best parts of going to sporting events because it's completely unique to K-State and gets everyone pumped for gameday.


There is a lot of school spirit among the students, faculty, alumni, and community. The academic counselors and the Dean of Student Life make each student feel welcome. There are also a lot of free organizations on campus to help students academically, financially, and personally.


It is a really good hometown feel if you are from a small town like I am. Everyone is very friendly and down to earth so it's really easy to feel at home. The classes are large but are not as large as some other college classes can get. Most of my classes are about 20-50 students in class with a few pretty big classes thrown into that. I like Kansas State because I am from a small community and it feels more like home unlike some other colleges around.


Not much


Kansas State University is unique compared to other schools I considered because it offers that small school atmosphere at a large university. Getting involved in your specific college, you get to know and befriend many diverse friends while still enjoying the top level education of a larger university. The professors provide ample opportunites for one-on-one assistance in addition to the tutor sessions provided by the university. The university does an exceptional job of making you feel like part of a family: people know you are here and care about your academic as well as life success.


Kansas State has a comfortable feeling around campus. It is not uncommon for people to go out of their way to help someone when they appear to need help. The students are incredibly loyal and 'live and die' for wearing and supporting purple.


One of the major deciding factors that lead me to choose K-State was their caring nature. This school is truly student-oriented and they do everything that they can to make my life and studies work for me. In addition, K-State offered an entrepreneurship major and a leadership studies minor, which very few other schools have. Finally, K-State offered me a very generous financial aid package.


Something that is unique about Kansas State University is that it was the first land grant college in the country. K-State has great passion and pride in their school and for their sports teams as they battle in the Big 12 conference. The student sections at home football and basketball games are second to none. Kansas State has a rich history of great alumni supporters and donors. The relatively close proximity of campus buildings gives K-State a community-like feel for students and faculty.


It is a big 12 school and has a respectable sports venue. It also has one of the most respected theatre programs and since theatre is my major that is really important. The classes I can take are very diverse and intellectual rather than boring and uninteresting. Also it is still close to my family but not right under them, it is a good middle ground for moving away.


Kansas State University has just the right atmosphere for a small town middle class student to experience a diverse learning experience. KSU is friendly, has many careers to explore and excellent teachers to help you reach your goals. I would recommend KSU to anyone.


K-State is unique because it is a big school, but it feel s like a small school. The Dean of Student Life goes out of his way to make underclassmen feel important and to help you out when he can. K-State offers lots of underclassmen scholarships which help a lot when you're trying to pay for college. Out of the public universities in Kansas, I think K-State is the most friendly and helpful.


School spirit


Perfect size: You get all the opportunities and advantages of a big school, but it's personal and friendly like a smaller school. The students here are proud to be Wildcats and care a great deal about the school, which makes it even more enjoyable to go here. Faculty and staff are easy to find and talk to, and upper-lever classes in your major/minor are never too big.


Manhattan is an area that combines many types of people. You get a good mix of small town farmers and people from Kansas City and Texas, and then a random few from all over. It is a very welcoming and helpful community to all.


we are small town-ish, everyone is very friendly!


I really liked the atmosphere on campus, and how it was easy to become involved. I've been able to meet so many people and make really good friends.


What is so great about my school is that we are so diverse. Not onlly are we a military town but also a college town, so it is amazing at the different cultures and ethnicities that are here. We learn a lot of from each other. We also have an amazing school spirit, whether football, volleyball, theatre, tack, etc. our students are always up for a rally and school support-everywhere you look students are wearing purple and white, and that is very satisfying.


The campus community at Kansas State University is perfect. Being away from home can be scary, but being at KSU is just like being at home. Every one is extremely friendly and supportive. We are one big puple pride family. GO CATS!


Going Greek is highly reccommended!! You make friends that much faster and NO.. its not buying your friends! It's taking that risk and putting yourself out there and being accepted by some of the most amazing people you will ever meet!


Going to K-State was the best decision I have ever made. It is out of state which means it costs more, but I'm just the right distance away from home, I'm at a place where I know I'm safe, I love the people, I love the atmosphere, I love the experience. K-State is awesome and I absolutely love it here!


Even though the start of my first semester of college was a little rocky, as it should have been, I'd have to say that I enjoy going to K-State and plan to keep on going until I graduate!


K-State seriously rocks though. I like how it is kind of in the middle of everyone's hometowns so it makes for fun road trips.


I already barred it all. Nothing held back because I've got nothing to loose by telling the cold hard truth. KSU isn't a BAD school by any means. But it certainly has all the downfalls of going to college in Kansas.


Travel!!! Go on spring break trips, road-trip to games, go skiing on winter break, go to the lake, take a float trip. Those will be the things you always remember. Go to parties, and go to class. Study hard, but party harder!!!


K-State is made up of a bunch of really down-to-earth people. There are always parties on the weekends, activities during the week, and just always something to do and someone to do it with.




Kansas State University is a great place. If I had it to do over again I would go back....twice.


I love K-State. I would NEVER go anywhere else. When I first came to college I thought the phrase "Bleed Purple" was weird but now that I am moving onto my senior I can agree that I "bleed purple" and will for the rest of my life. My heart belongs to KSU!




Go to K-State! It's an awesome school and the town is so unique and it will be an experience you'll never forget. Also, put yourself out there because your college experience will be good or bad depending on if you come in with an open mind and what effort you put into getting to know people and doing new things.


Better scholarship information and support. Computer initiatives and focus on technology in the students hands and integrating that with life in the class room. Educate teachers on how to make the lessons more technology friendly.