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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

Library! The entire first floor is a quiet study area as well as the great room on the third floor nicknamed "The Harry Potter" room due to it's large echoey environment. Now, if you need to get a group project done the second floor is the floor for you. This is the "noisy" floor during finals week because group discussion is allowed. This is also where we have our collaboration stations where students can have a blocked off cubicle section for their group to meet. If you're the student who like their own study cubby we have study nooks available on a first come first serve basis. All there places combined with the library help staff there to serve students from 8am-10pm make the library the ideal place to get work done on campus.

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The best place, by far, to get work done on campus is Hale library. It is located in the center of campus, by design, so students can get to it relatively quickly from any building on campus. Especially in the frigid months of January and February, it's a relief to have a huge warm building to run to in between classes for a 30 minute study break.

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Hale Library is in a great place to study! Engineers also have Fiedler Library. There are always lounges, lobbies, and other places to get work done

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