Kansas State University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


At Kansas State University there are nine dorm options varying from co-ed to all girl dorms. There is also one scholarship/leadership house and an apartment complex run by K-State. Different dorms offer different amenities. Each dorm is a part of one of three housing and dining complexes including; Derby, Strong and Kramer. Dorms are available in suite style or communal style depending on personal preference. My freshman year, i was in an all-girl suite style dorm where I lived with three other women and shared a bathroom and shower. Each floor of a dorm has one Resident Assistant (RA) who acts as a floor monitor. He or she gets her own room and housing expenses paid for. Each dorm floor has a common area and a basement with a television, laundry, and small kitchen. Students are also given the opportunity to sign up for cluster floors at the time of registration. These floors provide convenience for students who are in the same major to study together. Cluster floors include; agriculture, architecture, business administration, community service, engineering, honors, leadership and pre-health.


I was a resident in Ford Hall for one semester. Ford is an all-girl dorm; it's been recently renovated, and is actually pretty nice considering how old the building is! Ford, West, Haymaker, and Moore are four adjacent residence halls that all have access to the Derby Dining Center. The "Derb", as most students know it, has delicious meals - much better than most college cafeterias. It really is great. . . ask anyone! These residence halls are 9 stories high, and offer 1, 2, 3 and 4 person suites with "Jack and Jill" style bathrooms, and community bathrooms. Goodnow and Marlatt are located together on the Northwest side of campus. There are also honors halls, like Putnam, which are castle-like halls, more closely resembling all of the other beautiful buildings on campus. Additionally, KSU offers living quarters for second through fourth year students. The Jardine Complex is an on campus apartment-style accommodation.


I never lived in the resident halls, but I've had friends that have. I would recommend getting that experience, not to mention less stress of having to worry about bills. Everyone that I know who lives in the resident halls have enjoyed living there. My visits I noticed a lot of the people did have their doors open, there is a common area where people get together and study, or just talk. They have different activities that they do. Something I thought was neat is that they decorate for the different hallways, its neat walking down the halls and seeing little Halloween, Christmas and so on decorations. One thing I think is beneficial is it's real close to campus, some of them are actually right on campus. With all that you also get to meet really cool people that share a similar bond, the love of K-State.


The resident halls are a fantastic place for K-State students. There are 10 resident halls, along with the Jardine apartments. This gives students a variety of options. There are co-ed halls, all girl halls, halls with "cluster" floors (floors that are pre-dominantly some major, like a pre-health floor, an agriculture floor, an engineering floor, etc) to help students meet, there are suites and standard rooms, you can have one roommate or three! There are even a few one-person rooms. Most people prop their doors open when they can to get people to be as social as possible. I loved keeping my door open and saying hi as people walked by or even just to know what was going on. I got involved with the governing board which ended up being a wonderful leadership opportunity. I was a member and the next member became Chief Justice. Being able to meet once a week to decide how to disperse funds, come up with hall activities, and just talk to one another was definitely my favorite part. Each residence hall has its own governing board and you can be a part of a body or take an executive position. Always welcoming! I also worked at the front desk of the resident halls. All halls have someone at the front desk 24/7 to ensure the accessibility of each resident. Community assistants are there for questions, to be a smiling face, and ensure safety of the resident halls. After 9, all resident halls lock the doors and only residents can get in. If they have a guest, they must be signed in. This is a wonderful safety precaution for the students. Some halls also have other rules to accommodate residents. Resident Assistants are also extremely welcoming and helpful for the college experience :) Each resident hall (or complex) has washers and dryers that can be accessed with CatCash (like a safe student debit card). Most have some sort of "accessory" like a pool table, futsol tables, televisions, and other rec activities. Overall, K-State has been voted as one of the best residential communities in the nation! WIth award winning RAs and staff, K-State resident life is a wonderful part of Kansas State


The residence halls at Kansas State University are a very social building atmosphere. With three residence hall complexes and choices of traditional, 4 person suite, or 2 person suite you are able to choose your most comfortable living style. Cat Communities are also available if you would like to live on a floor with other students in your major so you can have study groups as well as find peer tutors you may have strengths in subjects that you have weaknesses. Within the residence halls you are able to meet friends, do social activities, as well as get involved in your Housing Governing Board and become a leader within your residence hall.


Dorms are for sleeping. We have residence halls here at K-State; those are for living! Residence halls are a blast. We don't require students to live in the residence halls their first year herer but it is strongly encouraged. We have over 9 different options in addition to our Jardine apartments and Scholarship houses. The four residence halls in the Derby complex are connected to the Derby Dining Center, or "The Derb" as students call it, through underground tunnels. What does that mean to me as a student? I don't have to go outside in the middle of winter to get some breakfast, I can go downstairs in my PJs and grab some food that way. Not to mention floor competitions and social events that make it easier to meet students while living in the residence halls.


It was in Monday about 11:30 PM (KSU campus). Crazy dorms.

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