Kansas State University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


In general education classes, there are usually larger numbers of students and fewer requirements. Once getting into the classes specific to your major, you have way smaller class numbers (mine are 10-25) and more prevalent material for what you are studying. This is where you meet people you will often have classes with and hopefully make friends. Classes can be 50 min, 1hr 15 min, 2hr 50 min, 2 hr, basically anything. There are also night classes for non-traditional students (or traditional!). Some classes may be big, but there are always ways to get into smaller classes. K-State also offers online courses for students over the summer, during intersessions, or during the observed semesters! There are so many options!


It depends, some are very easy and laid back; whereas, others are more difficult. But I have enjoyed all my class thus far.


Classes at K-State seem to be larger your first few years and then get smaller as you get into your major. I love the professors on the Salina campus because they seem to really care about how well you do and are there for office hours and additional appointments if you need it. I've come to know many of my professors on a more personal level, which is super awesome, especially for when I need references in the future.


My class sizes have ranged from 500 students to 12. I was overwhelmed at first by the 500 perosn lecture hall, and I thought I came from a large high school, but the thing that K-State does with the majority of the lecture halls is they have a recitation associated with them. Two days of the week we have lecture and then on the third day we have our recitation. That class is made up of about 30 students maximum and at that point we have a chance to talk to our teaching assistant and ask questions about homework, review quizzes and do an in-class assignment to make sure we understand what we've been learning in our lectures,

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