Kansas State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The parking on campus is terrible, I would advise prospective students to live close enough to campus to walk.


The only thing that is a bit awkward is that it is such an agricultural school. I am a vegetarian and a lot of the people I meet deal with meat production so it does create some tension.


The winter is very cold there.


I don't understand why this survey wants to know all the worst things about my university. Its Kansas State University and I have not found any bad things about it yet and I doubt I will. I have only been here three weeks and even after going home for the weekend, I can honestly say I can't wait to go back to Kstate. So please, don't expect me to tell you how bad my university is because it's not.


Accessibility to faculty and different needs of students. When in need of things or in difficult situations you often hit brick walls.


The price. I just can't stand the ridiculous prices but I love Kansas State University and wouldn't go anywhere else.


The worst thing about my school was seeing too many classes I wanted to take but wouldn't fit into my schedule to graduate on time. For example they offered a Harry Potter Literature class that I couldn't fit into my schedule.


The worst thing about the school is the lack of activity happening in the town.


not enough financial aid


It is very diffiuclt for me to find any reason why my school is disagreeable with me, although a small, few sum of students that I see occasionally do not take college seriously and I feel do not respect other students whom I know do their work and earn their high grades.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the location. Located in Manhattan Kansas, Kansas State is pretty much an oasis in the heart of Kansas. The only issue with this is that it is a two hour drive from both Kansas City and Wichita. This makes it difficult to make it to sporting events during breaks and makes it hard to go home but when youre living in Manhattan, why would you leave? Overall, I love this place and would not trade this college experience for anything.


The absolute worst thing about my school is how pact the library gets. It's wonderful that everyone is in there, but sometimes I can not believe how such a large buidling can be so crammed with students.


Off Campus living seems to be the worst part of school. Since it is a college town the rent is sky high and makes living expenses even more difficult especially for students like me who do not receive help from their parents. I am responsible for all my own expenses such as tuition, rent, utilities, gas, books, etc. I also work on a weekly basis which sometimes makes it difficult to stay on top of the mounds of homework I am also responsible.


I really don't have anything that I consider the "worst" thing. I have always wanted to go to Kansas State and was raised going to the sporting events and "cruising" around on campus with my firends on game weekends. I have found the staff and the students to be very friendly and helpful in all cases.


I think the worst thing about Kansas State University is that the reputation the school has as a farming school. K-state has so much more to offer than the stereotypical agricultural programs. My experience has been that K-state has one of the best engineering programs in the country.


The worst thing I consider at Kansas State University is that there are too many courses offered. It is very hard choosing which classes to enroll in when such a wide variety are offered. Kansas State has so many classes available to enroll in that it takes about an hour to figure out one’s course schedule and to enroll in them.


Because Manhattan is a smaller town, there really isn't much to do off campus, especially if you come from a large town or big city. Not that there isn't anything to do, you just have to look.


Some of the communication and schedules of events do not get out timely or sometimes not easy to find.


I think that the worst thing about the school is how spread out it is. During most of the breaks I have between classes I spend them walking to my next class because it takes so long to get there.


Nothing, it's a great school for almost any person.


The best thing is also the worst, because everyone puts such a high emphasis on social activity there is a lot of alcohol-related parties and usage. I myself don't ever want to drink, so it put me at a disadvantage and in an akward position. My dorm-mates often tried to ask me to go out, but I didn't want to be involved in those types of activities.


Nothing. I love everything about it.


The way the parking lots are set up and who gets to park where. From where I live if I have to park in the farthest parking lot it is a mile hike from my dorm and I would like to be parked just a little closer.


Winters are not very fun here because it gets really cold and the sun is not out a lot. It takes away a lot of the few things that were available when the weather was good.


The worst thing about Kentucky Christian University is all the rules. Not that I would prefer to go crazy and drink, but I just don't like the curfew.The kin


Personally, I have found that a large issue at Kansas State is centered around parking and building accessibility. Though the campus is flat and has ample sidewalks from one building to the next, there is often minimal parking in and around campus. This proves to be especially troubling for students who reside off-campus or have tight schedules. There is no form of mass-transit, so students must make do with what is available.


The worst thing about our school is the lack of public financial aid. The school does not announce or have veiwable scholarship opportunities unless you do a troublesome search. I would not have heard about a few key scholarships if I did not arrange a meeting with the head of financial aid at my university. The scholarship board at the financial aid office is small and is only viewable if you are atleast 6'4". I had trouble reading it because I was barely tall enough to see it.


I am not for sure what the worst thing is because I have only been there for one semester. But, when it snowed some and the sidewalks were kind of icy, the sidewalks weren't shoveled or had dry ice on them.


I would consider the price of going to school here as the worst thing. Coming from a family with 4 kids in it, with 2 in college now and one about to be in college, I am expected to pay for the majority of my schooling. The financial aid I recieve isn't enough to pay for some things and I often have to recieve help from my parents in order to pay for my rent on some months.


How far away it is from everything. I really love concerts and there are no really good concert venues here.


I am currently attending the Salina, KS branch of K-State and because we are a smaller town we have fewer students attending the college than say Manhattan's K-State. Because of this there is very little campus life and the school sometimes seems to be vacant and lifeless. Also the main degree offered at K-State Salina is an Aviation degree. This typically leaves students who come to the school to acquire general education classes feeling somewhat out of place and left out.


The worst thing about my school is the recent increase in the number of stuedents in each classroom. Due to budget cuts, the school has combined classes causing them to be extremely full. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to get the one-on-one help that is needed for students to be successful.


I decided not to pledge a fraternity when I got to college. I don't regret that in retrospect, it just isn't for me. There are plenty of of ways to get involved and tons of things to do even if you're not in a Fraternity/Sorority, but there are some events exclusive to those groups. A lot of the family days on campus as well as Fall Homecoming are heavy sponsored and revolved around the greek system. If you don't go Greek then those events lose a lot of their appeal.


To say that my school has a "worst quality" for me personally would require me to really stretch an answer. I absolutely love Kansas State and have completely enjoyed my experience thus far. From dorm life, to intramurals, to my classwork, every part of the college experience has made me love this school to its fullest extent. There is no part that I would ever consider changing because it makes up everything that Kansas State is and why I love it here.


I wish there was more diversity


Undergrad: The lack of resourcses for arts students. Graduate (Emerson College): The commute. Be sure to get the monthy T-pass through the school for a discount.


It would have to be location. I'm an avid hiker and backpacker, unfortunatly there are not many places in this area of Kansas that offer much of a challenge with hiking or backpacking. My future career will be in outdoor recreation hospitality and owning my own outdoor equipment store and the oppertunites for jobs and internships are zero for my area of study because of the location of the university. Yet this gives me the oppertunity to travel to a summer job in Idaho and internship in outdoor recreation locations around the world which satisfies my hunger to travel.


It is two hours away from my perminant address.


The size of the campus can be very isolating. KSU has a few very strong, demanding programs (Architecture and Veterinary Medicine come to mind) that seem to pretty much take over your life - people outside the program will never see you again. Fraternities and sororities are their own little worlds. Minority ethnic and religious groups tend to clump together for safety and comfort. There's a wide variety of students at Kansas State, but it's very hard to meet people from across the spectrum.


Can't really think of anything specific that sets our campus apart from others.




The worst thing I consider about my school is the people walking around on campus and smoking like it doesn't effect anyone else. Thank goodness they passed the smoking ban! Smoking in general is just gross and to be affected by it when you try to avoid it by not smoking in the first place, is kind of annoying.


The university seems really divided, not unlike the high school cafeteria. The "popular" kids are in Greek houses, and they always wear letters so you know it. They control a lot of organizations including student government. The "jocks" aka student athletes in big ticket sports have their own housing areas and even special lines and rooms in the dining halls. The "nerds" live in scholarship houses or become RA's. They are involved in many things yet socially recluse. So on so forth, it's nice because you find people like you, but you're also judged by it.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of drinking that goes on over the weekends.


Nothing, this school is great


If I was to go to campus for a class, the parking situation was horrible and made it difficult for off campus students to get to classes on time.


I do not like the slowness in reporting financial aid. This means that I can't pay my tuition bill on time and get charged a late fee.


Out football team. Kansas State has a lot of school spirt and having a horrible football team doesn't help. Granted people at Kansas State love being a wildcat and enjoy the school so much that it doesn't really matter, but that would be the worst part about the school.


The Spanish Language Department prides itself on flunking students.


Lack of teacher availability or their desire to do what you need to help you through college.