Kansas State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we are all hicks. This isn't true. Kansas State has a very strong agricultural program, but that is not all of what Kansas State is about. There are tons of options, and one stereotype cannot describe all the cultures, religions, and everything else represented on campus


That we're all aggies and that anyone who comes here gets a substandard or strictly ag-geared education.


Everyone comes from a small farm town in the middle of no where and there is nothing to do in Kansas.


We tend to be known as very friendly, down to earth people. We also have a reputation for being ag oriented.


Hicks mainly because Kstate is an AG major school. Sterotype about the students...very friendly and welcoming and it proved to be right when school started!


I guess I have heard, specially from people that go to KU, that everybody at K-State is a "red neck" (quoting) and that it is too Agriculture-oriented.


That we are all hicks and farmers.


cowboys, farmers, farm town


That we are all farmers, and want to be Agriculture majors.


There are a lot of people that say K-State is a farm school, a "hick" school if you will. (and it probably doesn't help that we have cows across the street from our stadium.) Also, because we are in a smaller town people seem to think that theres not much to do and its boring.


That most of the kids are farm and agriculture kids.


Some say we're all farmers.


We are all from the country and not nothing about big cities.


Most people say K-State is made up of middle of no where folk and there's not much to do there.


Everyone always says K-State is a hick school, a party school, only for ag kids, Manhattan is boring.


If you want to learn about animals it better be FARM animals because that's all they care about. College kids are snobs in general.


A common sterotype is that we are hicks, or all agricultural majors


All greeks are a bunch of preppy assholes.


K-State is often thought to focus a lot on agriculture, have lots of hicks and cowboys, and to only care about football.


Lots of "hicks" from small towns going to a small "cow town" school


They party all the time in Aggieville


That we're all hicks and either architecture or "farming" majors


Its a small town with nothing to do. It is not true there was always something to do in Manhattan


Small-town white kids who come from farms




don't know any


"hicks" or country people. Everyone here is a farmer or Vet-Med student. Or that the Vet-med program is really the only thing K-State has to offer.


Stereotypes are: - K-State is full of small town kids who wear cowboy boots and big belt buckles to class - Good vet school - Basically anything and all that can be represented by the word "country" - Almost all the students are from Kansas


That we all live on farms and wear cowboy boots, not true! :) There are a lot of people that come from all over the country/world to go to school here. You get a great education for a lot less money than other colleges.


That we're all farmers and engineers.


Conservative, Farm School


That we are all farmers.


The agricultural stereotype is hard to excape, but I have nothing to do with agriculture and find plenty the K-state can offer me.


That is an entirely agricultural based college and is highly conservative.


That it's all a bunch of Ag students and that it's a hicktown or that it is boring compared to KU just because it isn't the "big-city" feel of Lawrence.


More farmers, less diverse campus, not successful at sports, but an excellent school for engineering and agriculture


That it is a "farm" school. That Kansas State Students are friendly! That its in Kansas, there is nothing to do in Kansas.


There is a preppy/agricultural stereotype. The Greek Soroity/Fraternity life is huge there. Also there is a idea that the whole campus is concervative in political views.


conservative, ag background


Farmers and Hicks


We are all country bumpkins.


We are all farmers or come from farming families We have no culture We are all Republican


Agriculture, cows, hicks, boots, cowboys


There is a stereotype that all K-State students are hicks from the farm and everyone wears tight Wranglers and big belt buckles.


Great People! Very down to earth and friendly campus. Have also heard people who don't know anything about K-State say that all of the students are 'hicks'


That we all grew up on farms.


Just a bunch of farmers attend K-State. Everyone's major is agriculture.


Basically, the main stereotypes come from either the different majors, or the Greek system. Stereotypes exist for Every major. I was an art major. The stereotype for an art major was that of, well, a hippie type person. Trying not to "fit in" and so doing fitting into their stereo type. There is a stereotype for Engeneering majors, a stereotype for computer science majors, a stereotype for kinesiology and athletic training majors, a stereo type for English majors, a stereotype for philosophy majors, a stereotype for Architecture majors, etc. Though these are stereotypes (generalizations), all stereotypes stem from some element of truth. Paying attention to these stereotypes, while not giving an accurate picture, will key you into some aspect of what life in that major may be like or involve. Stereo types involving the Greek system really only fall into two major categories: The "sorority girl" and "frat boy". Both of these are considered negative stereotypes by many (Greek and non-greek alike). The stereotype of the "sorority girl" is that of a shallow, self-obsessed, very superficial personality focussed on looking "cute" first, pleasing others and maintaining their reputation second, and school third. There or more severe stereotypes linked with specific sororities that will remain unnamed that include the discription of "easy" or as the term "sorostitute" implies, sleeping with anyone who shows interest. The "frat boy" stereotype is that of a pretty-boy or a heavy partier. This reputation is well earned, as in most Fraternities you will find an ample supply of alcohol and empty alcohol containers fashioned into useful things such as the beer-can-couch, or the beer-can-Christmas tree, or the far less useful, beer-can-statue. As with soroties, there are a few Fraternities that have earned the reputation of being full of womanizers or predators. As is the case with sororities, there are several houses that break these molds and carry a very good reputation. That's pretty much it for the main stereotypes at K-State.


All farmers or agriculture people All Republicans and/or conservatively driven


That we're all hicks and listen to only country music. Football is the only important sport and we don't care about basketball.