Kansas State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


WANTED: A genuine, determined, kind, loyal, enthusiastic, welcoming, go-getting student. These words come to mind when I think of the average K-Stater. Students at this university are proud to represent K-State and all for which it stands. K-State is much more than a symbol on a shirt or a football team; it represents the thousands of completely different students who come together and bond over their pride of their alma mater and the joy it brings to them on a daily basis.


People who want to attend this school should be focused on the future. They should not focus on what parties are going on this week or what extra credit there is to pass the class. Students don't necessarly have to have a major picked out, but learn along the way. At Kansas State University, you are an individual who knows what they have to offer and goes for it. Be yourself and don't let anyone change you.


Someone who is dedicated to their education and takes it very serious.


Anyone looking for a great campus life and the opportunity to meet tons of new people should definitely consider Kansas State University.


Anyone who is committed to getting an education


The ideal student for Kansas State should be a hard working individual who is willing to learn and grow in every aspect of his or her life. College is not easy but if you are willing to accept that and put in the effort it takes to be successful, then you will make the most of your college experience and be ready any challanges you are faced with. Manhattan is a very down to earth town which also reflects on its inhabitants.


Anyone. K-State is a very open school and I believe that everyone could find their place here. I have met people from a variety of backgrounds who are glad they chose K-State. In a single sentence, I would say that, "K-State has been one of the best experiences in my life that I would happily do over again."


The kind of person that shoud attend KSU would be one looking to get a great all around college experience. The school has so many things to offer, as well as the city. There is a thriving bicycle culture, many independent businesses and a growing music scene. With so many other great cities around, a quick weekend escape is never too far away. Bottom line, if you are looking for a college with many opportunities, KSU should be top on your list.


There are so many different people who attend Kansas State that it's hard to narrow it down. There's a place for everyone I think, but if you aren't prepared to consider things with an open mind and work hard for your grades you might want look elsewhere.


A person who is striving to be in the agricultural economy. Agriculture is incredibly important to Kansas and the surrounding rural areas and beingat this university teaches such importance. It is a very agriculture based school and people who want to learn about agriculture and everything it has to offer would be the absolute perfect fit for KSU. Being from a small town myself, it feels great to have so many students like myself who want the small town atmosphere while being able to obtain a great education.


K-State has wonderful Agriculture and Veternarian programs so I would recommend someone going in either field. If you want that close knit feeling Manhattan gives you exactly that.


Anybody that is interested in a nice campus with nice people.


A down to earth person should attend this school. At Kansas State, I have met so many very nice people and hardly any snobbish. Kansas State is filled with so many students and faculty who are willing to lend a helping hand and Kansas State prides itself on that.


I think anyone could attend this school. Literally every person I've met has been nice and it really is a wonderful learning environment. This is especially important for me, being so far from home. Also, dorming is great because you meet someone new everyday and adds to the overall college experience.


Kansas State University has a very friendly atmosphere, so if you have a great personality and are willing to start a conversation with a random stranger, you will fit in just fine.


I think that anyone can attend this school. You have to like the hot and humid weather, and you should definitely enjoy working on your studies because that will get you the farthest in this school.


The person that should consider Kansas State University is an individual who is ready for opportunity. Kansas State University offers many chances to get involved and be successful. The family atmosphere makes it feel like you never have to leave home and don't have mom and dad in your ear. It is a big twelve school with a little town feel. Sky is limit at Kansas State University and hopefully you will take it to the sky and far beyond. If you are ready for that opportunity, Then Kansas State is for you.


Someone who's political views are conservative. If you don't mind a large campus with lots of people this will be perfect. There's so many different clubs here that anyone could find somewhere they would fit.


Anyone, this school is very open to diversity and all different kinds of educational interests.


Kansas State is perfect for anyone who values a great education, friendly people, and a beautiful campus! We have wonderful instructors here who care about what their students are learning. If you prefer academic advisors who truly desire to help and be an active part of your education, K-State is for you! The activities on campus are numerous, and they provide fun, supportive places for students to go to advance their careers and enrich their lives. Athletic events are amazing, considering KSU boasts having the best fans in the Big 12!


The kind of person that should attend Kansas State University is one that is ready and willing to open their mind to new ideas and learning new things. I believe a K-state student should be confident in themselves, ready to learn, and willing to put forth effort in their studies. A K-state student does not have to know what they want to do in life because there are many options on campus. Students should be ready to have fun and be involved in a great campus.


I person who is willing to learn and someone who really enjoys a tight knit community.


Anyone who is looking for a very diverse and liberal atmosphere would fit right in. The University is very welcoming to all backgrounds. Someone who is academically focused would also make a good fit.


If you enjoy being involved, in community service the greek system is there to help you give back to society, basketball/ football games are there for those stong fanatics, and we also home one of the best most reliable libraries i have ever stepped foot at. Anybody that is wiling to grow in any aspect in life would definitely enjoy being a wildcat!


Anybody can attend K-state. You get more out of being here if you aren't judgemental . If you are social this school is perfect for you. K-state has many events you can get involved with and meet more people. You will meet a lot of people that are very friendly so you need to be prepared to receive a good amount of kindness. If you like having fun and getting to know others this school is right for you. This school is all about opportunities and learning. Anybody is willing to help if you have a problem.


I feel that this school is a great school for a large diversity of people from racial differences to interest diffferences. This college has a large aray of study fields whether you want to go into vet science or architectural design. This college also has a very warming atmosphere when people walk onto this campus you instantly feel accepted and part of something bigger than what most people could be part of. This college could offer some much to so many different people.


There is no one type of person that should attend Kansas State. KSU offers a wide variety of educational opportunities ranging from agriculture, vetrinarian medicine, education, business, art, and human ecology (therapy, hotel management, appearal textile and design). Someone thinking about KSU should take into consideration the wide variety of people at the school. There are many international students from all over the world. A person should have an open mind to truly enjoy the culture of KSU.


The kind of persons suggested for this school are the academically achieved, used to county surroundings. No big town city slicker would want to attend this school.


Anyone can attend this school. If you are looking for a school with friendly students and teachers, you should come here. If you are looking for a place where you will feel welcome and any question you may have will be answered, you should attend this school. Someone should also come here if they are looking for a school that's not too big or too small and has a beautiful campus and great athletic program.


The students who need not be reminded of the project due in six weeks. The implication here is that those students who are able to organize themselves well will find success here. Without repeating the previous answer, I must say the normal level of organization required at Universities must be honed to a fine point while at KSU. Students who thrive under challenges will find this school will expect them to do just that, and simply turning one's homework in on time will not suffice.


A very organized and determined person; this school is not for the light hearted.


Kansas State University offers many possible opportunities to people. The average person who attends KSU seem to be more on the middle class spectrum of the economy. A person wanting a quality education without having to worry about serious stereotypes and their personal status should attend KSU.


There is really no ?one type of person? who attends K-State. At first, I thought that K-State would be mostly Agriculture students with a farming background, but we really do get all kinds of students! K-State is a large school with a lot of different majors to choose from, so we are lucky to have a relatively diverse population.


It can be any kind of people. I have seen many people and everyone is nice. I had to ask for directions a couple of times and the people who i asked helped me out a lot.


People who want a small town school with big time sports. Great for engineering and architecture.


A motivated individual that is looking to further their education and receive a greater opportunity for what life has to offer. Someone who is driven and seeks to explore their talents to put towards future job opportunities. A person that is ready to enjoy all that Kansas State University has to offer; great academics, fun, friends, intramurals, sporting events, and much more.


A person going to K-State is friendly and accepting of different kinds of people personality-wise and culturally. They should be flexible and willing to try new things. They should, also, be laid back yet know when to step up.


Dedicated students who will work hard for their degree, and can learn independently.


someone who wants to go to a college that offers highly respected degrees, that isn't afraid to work hard at school, who has high school spirit, and who enjoys being social.


A person who is willing to be challenged and a person who is willing to get involved. This school has a lot of people who are full of pride so it is sure to rub off on them, and they should be thankful they get the opportunity to go to a school like this.


White, Upper to mid middle class, heterosexual, men and women, no transgenders, these people will thrive here any deviation from this description will end up being angry about their surrounding over half the time. There is a army base that is less than thirty minutes away that provides some color to the manhattan area, and a ton asain exchange students. Those interested in engineering, business, and architexture should definately consider Kansas state as well.


If you want the opportunities a large college provides such as research, lots of choices in majors, and lots of new people to meet, but you're scared to get lost in a crowd and want to keep that "friendly small town" feeling, then K-State is your place!


K-State is a really great school. They offer majors of all sorts but is highly recommended for its Veterinary Medicine program. If you are looking for a school with an AWESOME Vet program K-State is the place. Their other agriculture, biology, and enginneering programs are also top rated.


This school is a place for people who love to have fun and excel in scholastics/




I attended this school seeking some what of a fresh start. If you love meeting new people, are motivated when it comes to classes, love the outdoors and love school sports, this is the place for you. Kansas State University is a such a welcoming school with an an extremely cohesive environment. I believe that anyone who wants to recieve a good education and build life long friendships would be successful at Kansas State.


Someone interested in the sciences, who can afford to pay for school out of pocket or they are so poor they will get grants that will pay 100% of school for them, someone who likes to party.


Someone who is nice and likes a large campus that feels small


Locals (Kansas City area) who are too conservative for KU.