Kansas State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you're expecting easy As without any work, don't come here. Getting decent grades at KSU really isn't that hard, as long as you're willing and able to put in time and effort. If you don't want to go to class, don't come here. That's part of putting in the effort, and it's also respectful to your professors and other students. This school was built for students to learn; if that's not your goal, then stay far away.


Before attending this school, I was looking for a college that would offer both community and equal opportunities. It is very hard to identify a type of individual that would not fit into this college. Perhaps the kind that was not willing to invest in others. Someone who desired a free form education that a state school was not designed to offer.


Someone who doesn't want to win the big 12. To be honest I believe this is a university for everyone. It is so welcoming and I have found several contacts that encourage me and make it fun to come to class. If I had to choose someone, I would say someone with a negative mindset. Because it is that attitude that will prevent you from finding the right people to keep you grounded and strong.


Someone who is willing to work hard and play hard. I believe to succeed in any University you need to work hard to live balanced. Kansas State University enable you to live a healthy lifestyle and be excited about what you are studying.


Those who consider themselves introverts should not attend Kansas State University. Students at Kansas State University see each other as family and embrace eachother as such. Campus is always active and provides many activities for students to get involved in or participate in!


Kansas State University is a school that must fit you and your needs. It is a school unlike many others because it has a focus on agriculuture and the environment. If you don't embrace nature or have a passion for the country life then the physical appeal of the campus may not be your choice. The students on campus are also very friendly and lively and although the campus isn't too big, the personalities and smiles are. If you don't like meeting new people and socializing then Kansas State University is not the school for you.


THose who think it'll be an easy "sports" college


K-State has something available for everyone. However, that doesn't mean K-State is the school for everyone. It is a large campus, and can feel intimidating at times for people who are not good with big crowds. There are approximately 24,000 undergraduate students at K-State, and a school that large is not comfortable for everyone. A student who is uncomfortable in large crowds, or suffers from severe social anxiety, might be better off at a smaller school.


Somone who has the mindset that everything in college will be an easy A.


K-state is a great school for anyone but especially those who are coming from a small town. It is a university but the campus feels small. It is also known for its agriculuture and education programs. It also has endless opportunities to get plugged in and be involved. So in short, if you like the small school feel, the university level education, or being involved, this is the school for you.


If you are looking to not get involved, be ignored by your peers, or coast through college, Kansas State is not for you. KSU is a university with over 250 organizations, a booming Greek life, and Division I sports. There is always something going on and it's almost impossible not to get involved. The people are so friendly that if you are looking lonesome in a classroom someone is bound to ask your name. Lastly, the degree programs are among the top in the nation. If you want to be prepared for the work force, go to KSU.


Should you happen to be the type of person who doesn't like to be challenged, encouraged, cared for, taken seriously, or aided, K-State is not the place for you. Should you be the type of person who doesn't want an advisor that will stand by you every step of the way through your four plus years of college, K-State is not the place for you. K-State is a place at which the student is put first. However, if all of that positive stuff is not for you, K-State is not the place for you.


Some one who has a lot of school pride who is very involved with sporting events. The school has a reputation of being an agriculture school so a lot, definitely not all, students are from a rural comunity. The school is in a fairly good sized city that is mostly made up of college students. The city the school is in though is in a very rural area where the nearest big city is at least 30 miles away.


Honestly, the campus is pretty accepting of everyone. They try to encourage friendliness and communications amont the students themselves and between students and staff. The only reason I can think of for not attending Kansas State would be if you found another school that fits you better or you think will better serve your needs.


Those who enjoy smaller schools with less students.


If you are looking for small class sizes this is not the school. Many of my classes had over 400 people in a lecture.


A person that shouldn't attend this school would be unmotivated, a procrastinator, and not school spirited. KSU has a wide variety of students, but in order to succeed at this school, the student must be dedicated. It is a very challenging school and students must keep up on their assignments in order to pass. Other than academics, school spirit is a huge part of KSU. From athletics to the greek houses, KSU provides many ways to be involved on campus and it is very encouraged for students to do so.


Someone who wants a large wide spreadout campus.


There is none, and I'm not just saying that. Kansas State welcomes everyone, no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, or the way they dress or act. K-State is a very diverse college and that's what i like about K-State. I have met so many people, some I thought I would never meet.


A city slicker.


d of person that should attend KCU is someone who is really dedicated and focused. However, there are plenty of opportunities for fun and being loud.


While this could be said of most schools, the ability to self-regulate one's time and activities is esssential at Kansas State. I would admit that perhaps five years ago I wouldn't have had the discipline needed to complete the program I am currently in at KSU. While most students are required/expected to manage their time simply out of necessity, the curriculum at KSU demands it. This is not to say that students without this ability are in any way inferior to others who can. But students who struggle with time management will most likely not succeed.


Nervous, shy, easily intimidated


The university contains over 20,000 students; therefore, a person who would feel uncomfortable in this setting or needs one-on-one time with a professor should consider attending a different college. Honestly, this is not hard to overcome, and there are always tutors around. I think that K-State really is a university for everyone to enjoy.


Anyone can attend and fit in.


Kansas State University is a school that thrives on spirit and community attitudes. Each person that comes on this campus contributes to the blossoming personality of the student body. Although we might be limiting in "big city" feel, we make up for that in our welcoming lifestyle. A person thinking about Kansas State should be heart-warming, willing to learn and experience new lifestyles. A smaller community is a very interesting and wonderful place to experience.


Sexual predators and misogynists.


People who are looking for a smaller setting shouldn't attend KSU. Over 24,000 students go to K-State, and it could probably be overwhelming for some. Also, people who don't want to work hard at their classes shouldn't attend KSU. KSU has amazing programs, but they can be difficult. You have to be focused and have the will-power to do your homework and stay caught up!


If you do not like a crowded campus then this may not be the campus for you because there are over 20,000 students who attend this university. Anyone who wants more one-on-one teacher learning durinf their undergraduate study should equally be wary. For your first two years as you attend general education classes you can expect many of them to be over 100 students. Kansas State is trying to confront this problem by offering Freshman Seminar classes capped at 24 students for these general education courses. They are still however in thier trial state.


The person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who's not focused with school and succeeding.


Some one who can'y stand a town with a country feel.


Real liberal people would not like the atmoshpere.


If you hate the Midwest, you should not go to KSU. Trust me, it will not grow on you. Kansas State is still very close to its roots as an agricultural college, and you will hear your neighbors at the cafeteria talking about how their team won a hog feeding championship. Manhattan is a little town on the prairie; the nearest big city is two hours away. It is politically conservative, predominately Christian, and full of guys in cowboy boots going to the rodeo (literally!).


You should not attend this school if you are extremely stuck up and desire a hip club scene.


If you like big cities and are not fond of living in a agriculturally defined area than you might want to consider another school.


Anyone who can't adapt to a new environment or is looking for a huge city to live in.


Shouldn't? If you're not down to earth this is not your school.


I think there is something for everyone here. But they have to be able to concentrate and seperate the partying from studying or they are wasting their money.


A person who likes city life.


Anyone looking for great diversity, a fast-paced environment, or a big city atmosphere. Although the people are one of K-State's biggest assets because they are so friendly, most are of the same mold.


An extremely liberal person may find the school aggravating, although there are liberal people here. KSU tends to be more conservative on a lot of issues, although that is changing.


The type of person who shouldnt attend this school are those who liek to just sit in ther rooms and do nothing, and those who are non-social.


People not willing to put forth an effort to learn should not attend this school


this school is well rounded but i would have to say if you dont like pagantry and the color purple you better not come here.