Kansas State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How conservative it is


I wish that I would have known that I could take classes at a more affordable school and transfer credits to K-State. I would have graduated with the same degree but for a far lower cost.


I wish I had known how easy the transition would be. I was far more ready than I thought I was and the school provides enough support that, even for my friends who were not as prepared, the transition was fairly painless.


Pay the little bit of extra money to live closer to campus. Save money and don't get a student parking pass. While parking seems doable, once everyone is on campus, it's nearly impossible to find. I was late to class several times when I lived off-campus simply because it took me half an hour to find parking and, usually, I ended up parking off-campus anyway. However, don't pay for dorms. They're not worth it, and you can actually be closer to your classes when you live in an apartment off-campus.


Before attending K-State I wish I would have known more about finding ways to find and earn scholarships.


How much my parents would gripe about finances.


Before attending my first semester at Kansas State, I wish I would have known to bring my entire collection of purple wear and gear. People take their purple seriously here! It is the only proper attire for Monday thorugh Saturday, especially for games. You can never have too much purple pride and this really reflects the attitude and love Wildcats have for our school. Every chance there is to shout "EMAW!" or "Go Cats!" is observed in endless ways, wearing t-shirts, sweaters, socks, and face paint is just the beginning.


I wish I would have known what to expect. I was a first generation student so my family could not help with the transition because they did not know what I would be going through. I wish Kansas State University had a class or something to help first generation students with the transition from high school to college.


How much more intense the work-load is compared to high school


You will get out of college what you put into it. If you spend time studying, you will get good grades; if you spend time socializing, you will make lots of friends; if you go out and party then you will make lots of memories and mistakes. Whatever you nurture and pay attention to the most will flourish and that you neglect will wilt.


To join a lot clubs and to take academics very seriously. I wish I would have had a lot more encouraging students in my dorms.


How useful and awesome studying abroad is. I studied in Guatemala in the summer and taught English. I never thought so much could be learned outside of a classroom! Studying abroad is really easy to do early, most students exchange their sophomore year. I had to squeeze it in, but still was able to do it. So I wish someone would tell me to just look into it and do it! It is a life-changing experiment.


I wish someone would have told me to be prepared about how much free time I had. When I first got here I didn't know what to do when I wasn't in class.


how much to study and how much work it takes


I wish I had know more ways to get scholarships or money for school. I wish I had know more about the undergradute programs before going to school. I wish I had know more about the housing and dinning service so that I had know more about the options that there were.


I wish I had known about their radio station. After visiting it with my Mass Communications class I learned how diverse and unique our K-State radio station is. If I had known before I could have enrolled in it in the fall.


Orientation prepared me for most everything, but I guess it is important to know that the weather in Kansas is crazy, so always be prepared for anything!


I wish I had known about more financial aid opportunities that were available to me.


I wish I would have known more about the iCat student tickets. They're better seats at athletic events, but also cost more. However, nothing else sticks out in my mind. Figuring things out is half the fun of being in college and on your own.


I wish I knew more about opportunities to buy discounted books online.


I wish I would have known that getting involved more in high school would be important. For example doing community service, clubs and more sports.


I wish I would have known not to stress so much.


College is a different experience, my first semester in college was all about figuring out my new life schedule. It took me awhile to figure out how to appropriate my time between all my activities. It would have been nice to have a better idea about the diferent stresses in college life ahead of time and to have better time management skills.


I don't think there was anything that I wish I would have known before coming here. At orientation and visits they informed us of almost everything. They explained the class sizes, events, living arrangements, teachers, grading, financial aid, and more. It really took my nervousness away and made me more excited and comfortable to come to this school. K-state is really a great school! It offers many different events, tutoring sessions, financial aid options, and more. If you like a medium sized school and love to be social then this is the right place for you.


The level of expectations, especially from the junior college in which I transferred from. I wish I would have pushed myself harder in the years before coming to Kansas State University. Not only in junior college but also in high school. After my first semester here I already see a change in my drive and aspirations to do better academically.


How few jobs there were available in the area


I wish I would have gotten more involved right off the bat my freshman year. I kind of layed low my first semester here. I loved getting to know the people in my residence hall, but I would have loved meeting a larger variety of people. I am now very involved and I really enjoy knowing more people. Also, I wish that I would have utilized my academic advisor more. They are really there to help and are great people.


I wish I had comprehended just how much school actually costs. If I had, I wouldn't have spent so much money on books and movies and hanging out with my friends during high school. I would have definitely saved more money. It is hard when your financial aide is determined by how much your parents make, but they don't help pay for college.


The school is generally agricultural based. Kansas State has an entirely different social feel than that of schools in much larger cities than Manhattan. The population is less diverse than one would find in other locations, and is composed of many individuals who come from much more rural backgrounds.


How to study more efficiently.


This doesn't apply to only my school, but college in general. I wish I had known how to study. In high school I was able to get by with just reading over my notes before a test or writing an entire paper the day before it was due. However, in college I have not been able to do that. If you can get into a rhythm of reading all of the necessary material and studying a day or two ahead of time, you should be fine with the workload you'll face in college.


I wish i knew how nice the people are.


That I would be working as hard as I am.


I would have wanted to know that relaxation is a good thing and I shouldn't be so school focused all the time.


People. I did not know anybody coming in to this school and it would have been really nice to have someone to go to on the first day of campus, but because I did not know anyone it forced me to be friendly and make friends. So, it's been a bittersweet experience, in that regard. That's it though, just a person I knew.


that the advising was not as good as i had imagined


The professors dont care, you have to learn this on your own.


I haven't had any suprises, so nothing I suppose.


That the Computer and Information Systems department doesn't support web development at all.


I did not know much about Greek life- but learned more once I got there.


I wish i had known more about the academic majors and activities.


I wish I had known that the transition was going to be really difficult and that getting involved in everything I could have would have been a great way for mme to get to know new friends.


I wiish I had known how hard it was to make friends. If you don't fit into the greek system, it is extremely hard to find a social group.


Nothing, I felt very prepared coming here.


I wish I would've taken in more of the opportunities I was told about as afreshman, instead of drinking alcohol. I have found now that there are so many exciting ways to have fun and get involved on our beautiful campus besides alcohol affiliation.


Amount of work the classes require


the full financial aid picture


I wish I had known more about each specific dorm, so I could have requested to be in one that fit my personality better than the one I ended up in.


I wish i would have known how much dead time my classes would entail.


I wish I knew more about what I wanted to do when I get out of school. I would have liked to have more of an understanding what I like and how I can apply myself to achieve my goals in life. It would have been nice to know exactly what I am working towards.