Kansas State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


How much they push there students to succed. they want their students to graduate near the top.


Everyone at K-State is extremely welcoming. There's always someone willing to help you out. The school offers many services to its students, including excellent advisors, faculty, and various other student resources. Everyone wants the students to succeed and there really is a family atmosphere that you won't find at any other Big 12 school.


K-State is a great big family. Everyone here is friendly and the atmosphere is amazing, family is our favorite word and it completely applies.


The best thing about y school is the opertunity it provides me in everything from friends to classes to activites to housing.


The best thing about K-State is having a large amount club and activities to participate in. K-State has an amazing REC Center that has so many things for students to do. I definitely enjoy not being bored on campus.


I enjoy the atmosphere of the campus. The buildings are a bit old but beautiful and it gives to the historical aspect of the campus. We also have many trees and shady areas around campus so a quiet, comfortable spot is never hard to find. I enjoy taking walks through campus and admiring the architect and the beauty of the natural landscaping and nature. The campus is inviting and appealing to the eye which drew me in the first time I visited.


If I had to choose the best thing about K-State, it would be the "family" aspect. From the support system that K-State provides, to the fact that our stadium is named "Bill Snyder Family Stadium," K-State is truly a unique community that bonds students, faculty, and alumni together in a way that doesn't happen at just any university. Whether it is a door always being held open, or the annual K-State Proud campaign that allows students to help fellow students in financial need, the family environment is always present on this campus.


I consider the family-like atmosphere as the best thing because I feel like I am not just another person in the crowd, but actually part of a new family. This campus makes students feel at home and helps students find ways to interact with others and create close relationships they will have forever. This allows students to create close bond they can use to support each other as they get through the tough times at school.


Everyone at Kansas State university makes you feel a part of a giant family! Even if you don't see a familiar face while walking across campus, you still feel at home becaus everyone is so friendly! You can make friends easily, even if you're shy!


Kansas State University is a family. Everyone is looking out for one another and if something happens to one individual we all rally around them. I believe that family is very important and everyone needs a family to succeed.


I would say that the overall campus atmosphere is the best aspect of Kansas State University. Everyone seems friendly and willing to help and the support and school pride is among none I've ever seen before.


The people because everyone here is really friendly and helpful.


I believe that each person associated with this campus has an unbelievable school spirit. Being an athlete there are many available services to help us succeed in our busy world. I have never had a problem with professors who would not be available to help me when I am confused. The campus has many opportunities to be involved such as clubs, greek organizations, sporting activities, etc.


K-State fosters an amazing sense of community. As a freshman, I was a bit intimidated to be on such a large campus, but after a few weeks, I had a busy schedule full of fun activities that allowed me to meet a vast array of people. No matter where I went--the cafeteria, the library, the lecture hall, the gym--I was bound to run into someone I knew and very likely make friends with a stranger. The warm, hospitable environment of Midwestern charms envelops K-State and creates a place that quickly feels like home.


It is a university that is open to everything. There is a place for everyone! There are constantly activities going on for various people. I like to think that this campus is welcoming and inviting! Smiles everywhere, always willing to help the few people that may get turned around. A lot of times you may see a friend and it is always nice to see people catching up or catching up with someone yourself.


The Atmosphere, I have never visited another University that has an atmosphere like K-State. Everyone is always smiling, and going out of their way to say hi and help others. It is what drew me to this University and the main reason I am staying. I've been on a lot of campuses and have never felt more at home then when I walk around the Kansas State University campus.


K-State's official color is Royal Purple. Purple is not as easy color to wear. When I first came to K-State I told myself I'd wear black, grey, white with maybe a hint of purple but now 3 and half short years later purple is the primary color in my wardrobe. This school pride is contagious at K-State. It's easy to shoot someone a smile when walking across campus when you know they share the same pride as you in your school.


I like the "friendly" atmosphere. You will find that most colleges that play us in sporting events have said that our fans are some of the nicest around. I also like all the things that you can do around Manhattan and the surrounding area. You can get away from all the stress when you go to Tuttle Creek, Pillsbury Crossing and other rural areas. You can be with others in Aggieville and out at the Town Center Mall when you want company. You can take dates to the zoo or a movie and even the Insect Zoo on campus.


My school's school spirit is by far the most beneficial aspect of our university. The sense of community and commitment created by our school spirit makes this university a better place. On game day, you will see purple people everywhere, and not only students, but professors and local residents as well. When you go out of town and meet someone who graduated from K-State, there is an immediate connection and sense of affinity for the other person. The school is not cliquish, though, and does not criticize those who think otherwise, but merely accept them as well.


Great school spirt, easy to fit in down to earth people


It is such a nice campus. Not only is it pretty, but the people are extremely friendly. Almost everyone is willing to help if you have a question or problem, and it is really easy to feel at home.


The family-oriented atmosphere is the best. You're first day on campus you realize you will always be a Wildcat!


The teachers and the adminsitration take time and interest in each student. Being an out of state student I felt welcomed and at home.


The atmosphere at K-State is undoubtedly it's best aspect. We have the best of both worlds: big school opportunites with the small town feel. All of my professors know my name and say hi to me on campus, but being a Division I school also allows us to bring in popular speakers and enhance the social life. I love the fact that I have found a home here in the Little Apple.


The school spirit is out of control. There is good community and a great variety of places to "plug in". Manhattan is a terrific college town.


Coming from Hutchinson Community college to K-State proven to be a big change. The first few weeks were challenging because of the overall size of the campus and classes. Now that I am a few weeks I found that the bigger campus has only made me a better person. I'm now more of a self advocate and don’t rely on the others around me for guidance. Also with a big campus comes opportunity. There are so many awesome clubs and organizations to become involved in, and I have found with involvement comes success!


Kansas State University provides an excellent environment with caring faculty.


My school isn't just another school. I think it's the best. The atmosphere is wonderful, the campus is beautiful, there's a ton of majors, great professors, the surrounding town is great, and the traditions run deep. I am continually impressed with this school. I feel as if it's my home.


There are two aspects of Kansas State University that I strongly believe make it an outstanding institution. The encouraging environment is impossible to go unnoticed. I have never received any doubt from a proffessor or advisor. This does not mean they are not open to providing constructive criticism, but I am always empowered to do my best and reach my full potential. Secondly, the professional development opportunities provided through this university are diverse and seem endless. I know years from now I will look back and be thankful for the experiences I had in my field of study.


I would have to believe the best thing about KSU is the environment of studying with students from all parts of the world. Learning about another's culture or concepts of life opens many opportunities. As we all come together we open new windows of understanding from a broad spectrum of events. One person may experience or have a past experience that can be considered for informational venue to others. The meshing of extreme minds into one thought process.


Kansas State University is a school that really wants you to 'get out there' and meet people, and experience new things. They highly encourage studying abroad, and have many different groups, activities, clubs, socials, etc. that help you get out and meet new people and really get involved. It really helped me when I was a transfer student here last year and I didn't know anyone on campus, my advisor gave me a list of clubs I might like and it took off from there!


They work with students to get their schedules planned out really well. I'm an athlete who runs cross country and track; most staff members where more than willing to cooperate with me to set up my class schedule. As well as to work out make up lessons whenever I missed class for meets.


I love how friendly K-State students and teachers are. If you are from a small community, K-State is a great school; it is large enough that you can meet many new people, but it has that "small town feel" -people are always willing to help.


I consider the professors to be the best thing about this school. Almost every professor I've had has had an encyclopedic knowledge of their field and the ability to truly make me care about the topic.


The dedication of the professors. At Kansas State University the professors do everything in their power to ensure that you do as best as you can in their class. They provide numerous office hours where students may ask come to seek help and if those hours don't work they will work with your schedule to provide assistance.


The teachers care about students progress and individual needs. The class are very hands-on and small groups.


The best thing about my school is the leadership. Our administration and "higher ups" truly cares about the students. They want the best for them and they will fight for the students to get it. Our Dean of Student Relations, Dr. Bosco, is a very kind and caring person and he is willing to answer the simplest question to the most difficult. That reflects all of the administration and faculty at K-State. They care about the ones that they are educating and want them to succeed in life.


I think the education here is the best thing because the professors are so dedicated to teaching and my needs. I know that I am getting the help I need and they are fully dedicated to me.


Stay focused. Try out several of your interests before deciding on a major. Dont force youself to do something your not feeling. Start with you general electives and genearl education classes, to get a feel for what you think you might want to do the rest of your life. It will save you alot of time and money!


The people. The people are very nice and helpful. You can tell they enjoy the school and being there.


I would say that the best part about going to K-State Salina is the personal level available between students and faculty. Because we are a smaller college the student faculty ratio is very close and the instructors really have time to focus on individuals. Most students are comfortable enough to be on a first name basis with their instructors.


People complain that Palmer College of Chiropractic isn't teaching us everything we need to know. I on the otherhand, disagree. Palmer teaches us exactly what we need to know to survive in the outside world. This alone would not be adequate. They also, provide us with every opportunity to advance ourselves, through those extra seminars and books, and excel instead of just surviving. I believe a school can only carry a student so far. It is at that time that the student must put in the extra effort to become excellent.


The atmosphere is very relaxed. Everyone is friendly or minds their own business. There isn't constant commotion which would drive me crazy.


I believe the best thing about K-State is that once again the community is very small and welcoming. When I was a freshman I felt that the other students and the faculty were all here to help me be successful.


Undergrad: The theatre teachers are very helpful and friendly. I'm still on good terms witih many of them! Graduate: The small classes and understanding teachers. I feel like I can say my opinion without my grade being in jeopardy.


I think one of the best things about my school is that it's really friendly. Manhattan in general is a really friendly town! You can walk onto the campus not knowing anyone and people will usually say, "Hey!" or just help you if you're lost. There are also tons of majors to choose from, and the Christian college is right across the street, so it's great to be able to take a few classes there too.


The openess and funess of the school. Everyone is so outgoing and friendly! I believe this is one of the best campuses in the nation. Everything about it good and bad is wonderful.


I love the campus environment/buildings and that it is so close to Tuttle Creek. I have met some really amazing people and have had many opportunities come about because I attend K-State.


The enjoy the variety of classes offered and all of the extra-curricular activities.


Willie the Wildcat.