Kansas State University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


After visiting other colleges I knew that this was the right school for me because of the campus and the atmosphere. It is also nice that I have siblings that attend K-State as well. Making the decision to go here was easy when I found out the study-party ratio.


When I first decided to go to K-State, it was because my best friend wanted us to be at the same school. The reason why I decided to stay at K-State is because of the value and opportunity


Honestly, I moved to Kansas City from Illinois last minute, I had no idea where I wanted to go. A guy from my high school played baseball at Kansas State, and he got drafted so he doesn't go here anymore. But I knew how much he loved it, and I could tell what a good, safe, friendly envirnment it was. I instantly fell in love, and it's only gotten better!


I chose K State because it was ranked very high compared to other schools in the college of architecture. I also fell in love with the atmosphere when I went on a tour. It's an unexplainable feeling when you just know a University is right for you.


I decided to attend Kansas State University for several reason. Most of my mother's family lives in Kansas and is relatively close to Manhattan, Kansas where KSU is located. I like having family close enough to help me with anything I may need or any trouble I happen to get into. K-State also has some of the nicest people I have ever met. Most people on campus are extremely friendly and willing to help. Even the advisors try to get to know most of their students. You are truly a person here, not a number. And of course, most of our buildings look like a castle. Who wouldn't want to go to school at a castle?!?!


Because they have the #1 public architecture program in the country.


the campus size, the friendliness of the students, the beautiful campus and the traditions, the band, the music programs, the academics, and the dorm life.


They have a phenomenal journalism program, and the faculty is great!


I honestly never thought twice about any other college but K-State, I had always dreamed about coming here. The location was a benefit being closer to my family, I love the atmosphere on campus. Once actually taking a tour, and learning more about the majors and talking with advisers I was hooked. Applying to K-State and being accepted was the best decision in my life and I don't regret it one bit.


It had a strong academic background and a wonderful atmosphere! Someplace I knew that could be a "home away from home."


I decided to go to this school because of the great family atmosphere you feel around town as well as the city of Manhattan. K-State is also a leader in academics and student involvement which were also major factors in my decision.


Deciding to go to K-State was easy. I wanted to be in an environment where I could focus on my studies, make new friends, and enjoy life outside of school. K-State provides all three of these things. There is always places to go to study, and people to interact with if you need help in classes. Student organizations and student life provide an excellent source of student interaction, and are where I have met most of my close friends. Outside of school, plenty of things are available to bide your time and you can find something to do almost all of the time. Salina is a smaller town with not all of the amenities Manhattan has to offer, but it's so cozy and personal, you can create your own fun!