Kapiolani Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Kapiolani Community College?


a person that will givg up and any cost . person that dont take school seirous .that gose to school just to see there friends from high school. a person that would care less if they pass there class's. a person thats not open to try new thing's. a person that will not do there work .someone that would skip class to do other things . a person that just wouldent make the effert to study for a quize a person that just wont learn anything . someone that just is disrespectful and dont take wisdom from there eldors that person.


A person who is lazy or uncommitted. If you cannot put the effort in that is required, than you should not attend this school.


Anyone is able to attend this college. It does not matter if a person is bad in school because the professors and counslers are there to help them reach their goals. Also, there are many tutors on campus that are glad to help.