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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would go back and tell myself only a few things. The biggest thing I would tell myself is that going to communitee college is completely ok and not embarrassing, when I learned my senior year I had to go to communitee college after being accepted to Baylor I was very embarrassed. Also, I would tell myself to never get behind in college, because it is very different from getting behind in high school and much more difficult to get caught up. I would tell myself to, if possible, read the first chapter of the text book before classes even start and to not expect to have every weekend free.


I would have given myself the advise to take more college level credited classes. I am fairly smart and because of that, I was lazy with school work. I rarely did my homework because I knew that I could pass the classes by getting A's on the tests and finals. I would definitely liked to have done that better.


The most important thing to do is stay in school. Take classes that will help you in college. Pay attention in class and actually listen to the teacher. Your goal in high school should be to prepare for college and your future. Do not get wrapped up in the teenage drama that will happen in high school, it won't matter when you get out in the real world. Do not wait to long to go to college. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to go back to school. If you change your mind in college about your studies, that is ok. Students tend to change their mind about what they want to study.