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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself is go to college now, not later. You will have plenty of time to work after you get your degree. To get out of the middle class you have to further your education


Do better in school, you will be more appreciative of it in the long run. Boys aren't everything.


If i could go back in time i would tell myself to talk to the high school conselour and get a good understanding of finical aid because college is very expenise with out it. I did not attend college my first semseter because i was unaware of the process for FASA. Then secondly, i would sit myself down and try to see what i really want to do career wise because you dont want to take classes that will not count for anything. I would tell myself to look at difffernt programs that would interest, so you get an idea of what you want to do. After looking at the what i think intrest me, i would tell myself to sit down with a college counselor and plan out what classes need to be taken for me to graduate or transfer to another four year college. Honestly if could go back to my ninth grade year i would tell myself to do well in school during those four years, so hopefully i could get a acdemic scholarship to a four year university. In high school no one ever told me the importance of a GPA.


Don't even think about skipping college and going to work. Your eduacation is one of the most valuable possesions you will ever have, when you get it no person can take it away. Take your eduacation seriously, the future is at hand. Now is the time to decide what career path to choose. Apply yourself now and take advantage of every chance to study and gain knowledge. Use your time wisely it will pass much quicker than you think. Keep your mouth shut and ears open when intelligent people are speaking, you will learn more than you think. Hang out with smart people, they are the business owners of the future. Hang out with dumb people and you will be the laborer for the smart people. Apply yourself in ways you've never imagined it will pay off later. Don't get married and have children before completing college. If there is ever in words of wisdom they are these, be honest and ethical, have compassion on others, see and oppurtunity go for it, keep your morals and always put God first in your life.


Don't overload yourself with college courses. It is okay to take the minum class load in order to stay focused and on task. It is not a competition to see how can finish the fast, but how much you can grow and learn as a person and student. Try not to get a job for as long as possible and if a job is neccesarry, make sure it doesn't interfer with school. There is more homework than in high school and it can be easy to fall behind.