Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Even thought I do online classes I love the environment from the faculity and students.


Kaplan University provides support for every student throughout your learning process, and there is always someone to contact.


It's very flexible and accomodating to the needs of the students


This school is very academicaly focused and can be a fast place to learn.


My school was meant to help people, not themselves.




Kaplan University was a well-rounded school that has a wonderful staff that is willing to help students in every phase of their college journey.


Kaplan University has a great learning environment allowing students to learn online while advancing their degree.


Kaplan is the most student friendly school while keeping in touch with stay at home mothers and homemakers and making education a possibility where others are not attainable.


My school is great because there are recent high school graduates and people who graduated school over 40 years ago.


Kaplan University has the one on one atmosphere of a real classroom with the convenience of online service. The positive additudes, encouragement and feedback of the teachers are some of the best I have ever had.


My school is outstanding in courses.


Kaplan University offers real people such as quality instructors with real experience to instruct their students, professional counselors, academic advisors, and financial aid officers who assist at every turn, all while managing the best online library available.


Kaplan Interdisciplinary Studies program is teaching me thorough credentials necessary for competent teacher aides to work at the kindergarten, and above concentrations in dedicated subjects for example bilingual, ESL, and special education; following achievement of the curriculum, I will be eligible to participate in education qualifications, but I plan to continue my education by seeking a Bachelor?s in Liberal Studies, followed by Master?s in Education.


i wouldnt choose any other school its great the people are very kind


Do not be intimidated by the apparent work load in the courses. Professors are spot on with their expectations; they write them out step by step with no having to read between the lines. Literally, all that is expected of the studen within an assignment is what is stated - no more, no less.


kaplan is a great way for peple like me to take online courses and to live life, i am taking classes in wi and love it. I think anbody should go and can go back to school to brighten your future.


An amazing alternative to traditional school that emphasizes the importance of a well rounded education.


Kaplan University seems to be the answer for the goal i am headed for.


Kaplan is able to conform your classes to meet your schedule requriements.


Kaplan University allows me to have the flexibility I need to manage home and school to succeed.


Online University which fits my busy schedule.


An online and land based accredited university with a variety of programs, helpful and instructive staff, and an overall wonderful university to achieve my goals.


My school is most definitely the best choice for my learning style!


Again, I am just starting so the only way I can describe it is to say it will be a new adventure. A challance I plan to dominate!


It is a college that allows you to maximize your potiental, while still working or raising your children, from the comfort of your own home.


I would have to say that my school Is beyond proficient, I have never been in a school that cares so much and offers so many opportunities to be a part of something greater than myself.


In my opinion Kaplan has been amazing to me. I've only known them for a day now and they have helped me 100x more than UC ever did. For example, I asked for more information about Kaplan online and not even a day later I got a phone call from my advisor. Within an hour or less(on a Sunday!!) we managed to apply for college and get help from a financial advisor to try and fix the problems UC caused. I also recieved some very useful scholarship & grant information.


An encouraging environment with many opportunities to learn from professors who have first hand knowledge of your chosen field of work.


Kaplan University is a well organized school; they stay on top of documents, registration for classes, and how classes run.


My school is very active in making sure I am acheiving my goals.


My school is the online division of Kaplan which is convenient, the professors are very helpful ,the courses are indepth and fascinating, with seminars and discussion threads which help you to get to know the professors and fellow students ; there is also an online library which is quite extensive.


Kaplan University is a great opportunity to get an education in less time from that of a traditional university or college. Instead of two years for an associate's degree it would take thirteen months, likewise for a bachelor's degree, it would take two and a half years verses four. Kaplan puts their students on a fast track and helps guide them to success in education and employment. The school offers many ways to attend classes and can meet anyone's schedule by offering; online classes, morning and evening campus classes, and blended classes (both online and on campus).


My school is very flexible.


Kaplan University was the best opportunity for underprivledged working mothers like myself.


Kaplan University Online is a great way to learn and gain knowledge in the real life business.


Kaplan University is flexible and advancing.